Pros and Cons of hiring Joe Brady to be OC

Actual pros and cons are in the video at the top.

Here’s what I don’t understand though.

If Duce Staley was as this guy says “the next OC in waiting”, then why wouldn’t we have just given him playcalling duties instead of Campbell taking them? Doesn’t make a lot of sense.


The next OC likely is on the staff, but it’s probably Ben Johnson. Just listening to Brunell and Goff and others yesterday, it’s beginning to sound like automatic to me.


That’d be an interesting move
No doubt trashed by many

He’s got a limited resume in my mind

If the offense improves over the balance of the season and he’s an integral part of that then you could see it happening.

Let’s see the O score more then 20 points in each remaining game. That’d be a significant improvement over the first 2/3 of the season


Then why wasn’t he given playcalling duties so we could give him a trial run instead of wasting next season with a could be bad OC that we could’ve already known about and potentially made another move over the offseason on.


I think Staley is on a similar path to Coach Campbell where he is being groomed as a head coaching role rather than for a Coordinator role. Seems to have assumed a lot of game day duties since Campbell assumed play calling duties


Maybe they use Duce as a running game coordinator and Johnson the passing game coordinator. And Dan keeps the play calling plays.


That’d be such a Lions move.

And hiring a guy not good enough to make it through the year with the Panthers wouldn’t be?


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Ben Johnson might not have a good enough grasp on the run game and all the concepts and everything. Could be why Dan is calling plays now and sounds like he is leaning heavily on him with pass game concepts.

Don’t know. I’ve always felt that Dan was trying to coach up Goff to begin with.

Is this the guy who just got fired because his offense sucks so bad? He’ll fit right in with MCDC.

This is my honest question. What happened and why he was fired we will never no but it begging to be asked

Why hire someone who just got fired?

Wishing we were that fly on the wall!!:crazy_face:

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Joe Brady rode the coattails of Joe Burrows just like Caldwell rode Peyton Manning’s. I say no. He’s no Sean McVay.

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I really hope you’re wrong about this but it’s such a Lions move.

Yeah it will take more then one game to convince me Dan should be calling plays. It’s a little scary

Wow you are right on target! Were the media asking about Ben and these guys were giving commentary or did some of it come up organically from the coaches and Goff?

If the former, maybe the media is trying to get ahead of a story. If the latter, then likely a decision of some kind is already been made and the coaches and Goff are setting the stage for Ben Johnson to get a promotion:


Hopefully the passing offense finshes the season strong. It’s not like he’s new to coaching offense, he’s got 10 years experience in the NFL. He’s got experience coaching QB’s, WR’s and TE’s so he should have a good grasp of the passing game. And he’s a former college QB.

Read the quotes from Goff and Brunell and you can tell they really like him. Will be interesting to see how the pass offense does to finish the season. Goff has been significantly better the past 2 weeks.

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DC is not a current version of Bill Belichilk but BB calls the defense right now…. Just checked thier coaching roster and they have no DC: BB handles that Saul role

DC with the Saints had a dual role there as TE coach and Asst HC…

For the short term I see nothing HG wro my with this - DC calling plays - especially if it’s working

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Bill and his son are running the defense.