Pundits Didn’t Learn Their Lesson

Apparently they didn’t learn when the majority picked the Rams to beat us. I’m seeing a lot of them picking the Bucs to beat us outright this week. I don’t get it. Baker is not as good as Matt, the Bucs running game is putrid, their WRs aren’t as good as the Rams, their D gives up more yards than the Rams (less TDs too but they play in one of, if not the, crappiest divisions), we already beat them in windy conditions and short handed without Gibbs and mostly without Montgomery, and they’ve not seen anything like Ford Field. I’m wondering if they aren’t intentionally trying to get people to bet on the Bucs without moving the line? I just don’t get it.

Besides, and I know this is crazy, but I feel the NFL wants us to make it to at least the NFC Championship game. What better story is there than ours?


Lol, seriously? I’ve not seen any picks yet. But that’s crazy


Most of the so called “experts” picked the Rams… Eagles and Cowboys last week.

I think its directly connected to gambling to swing money.

I much prefer the Lions not be huge favorites


Jason they are twisting themselves into tiny Kelly pretzels trying to come up with ways that the Bucs will beat us. Apparently Baker Mayfield is going into the Hall of Fame after this game.


was listening to sports radio yesterday right before my car melted. The local sports guy was talking about how much better of a QB Mayfield is over Goff

I swear Goff is the most chronically disrespected QB in NFL history


I heard Nick Wright today pumping up the bucs and he referred to Goff as “tiny hands”.

Wow, what does Goff have to do to get any respect?


I think their wide receivers are better and a tougher matchup against our corners

Furthermore it wasn’t easy beating them the first time around and it’s also not easy to beat teams twice.


I guess we will have to win the whole damn thing to get our respect…LFG


Perhaps Godwin and Evans might be better deep threats but at best I would put them even with the Rams. We will shut down their run game and make Baker one dimensional while he tries playing inside of a jet engine. I more than like our chances.

We did win 20 - 6 in their house, so…


But then a Lions players does this

We still have play a full 60 minutes and this will not help

Nick Wright has been on the Lions are pretenders train for a long while


Well our weakness is the long ball and mayfield missed on a couple of those. Balls that even scrubs like Mullen from the Vikings, usually abuse us with.

We can handle the precision guys who bend us. Can we handle the tall speedsters who can break us?

And I know we missed a few players on offense but their defense was pretty solid and made it very hard on us. Our line has to have a real solid game.

Us and the Bucs are getting the full version of CJGJ. :joy:

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We gave up nearly 200 yards to JJ (twice), CD, and Nacua, and we won 3 out 4 (should’ve been 4/4). They’ll get some yards but also get an L.

And missing wide open receivers is what Baker does.


Love it! Keep putting up the bulletin board material.

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I can’t believe most pundits will go w/the Bucs here, but whatevs.

I’m gonna take issue w/this take, though. Puka is the best receiver we’ll have faced no matter how far we go, but Kupp was not himself. Lingering injuries apparently. Evans and Godwin are nice. And their TE went for almost 100 against the Eagles.

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Fair point on Kupp. But that Eagle’s D was brutally bad on Monday. Hard to evaluate anybody against that car wash slapping machine tackling.

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The Eagles should be investigated. The players threw that game. Especially the defense. They weren’t even trying to tackle…hell, they may as well have shook hands with the Bucs as they went by.


They simply wanted their coach fired