Punt team is absolute garbage

There will hardly be any talk about our punt game but look no further for what changed the entire flow of the game. Agnew was an absolute trainwreck. Not only did he muff a point and give Arizona their first points but in his multiple opportunities to run it back he looked less than mediocre.
And what is with the damn holding penalties??!?? When we catch at the 20, holding is half the damn distance back to the 10. It is an absolute drive killer to start at the 10 yard line and force our offense to get at least 3 first down to change field position.

If the punt team doesn’t see a huge improvement before next week there’s no way we can play well enough to overcome it.

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I think you are going to see this across the league. Was there even a KR or PR for a TD in the season opener across the league? Since you can’t wedge block any more, more holding calls are being called.