Purdy vs Brady , who looked better in their rookie year?i

I think putdy will win with that defense . Brady also won with defense in his rookie year. I see some similarity

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Purty Good!

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What I take from this is that you think Purdy looks good?

Let’s not forget you thought Stafford sucked and the Rams won in spite of him much like they did in spite of Goff.

Is that a fair statement?

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Purdy’s rookie season is lightyears better considering Brady didn’t start a single game and only threw 3 passes.


Purdy by far

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Oh we have seen far, far worse over the years.


Well you contributed to it.

The eagles are going to get a lead and then we will see what Purdy is made of.

One thing I like about Purdy is how frickin confident he is. He reminds me of Aaron Rodgers. If he were losing he would be annoying AF to fans. But in a winning situation he migt have that special sauce. I seriously doubt he is going to overcome the Eagles to get to a Super Bowl. The chances of any rookie QB pulling that off are astronomical. But I love rootiing for the kid to pull it off. I’d rather see the Eagles in the Super Bowl, but I am rooting hard for Purdy to play well and give his team a chance. It would also be one heck of an interesting offseason if Brock Purdy won the Super Bowl on a team that invested their first born into acquiring Trey Lance.

He won’t …. Smart money is on the Eagles and I hate Eagle fans.


On the other side I think Joe Cool is dialed in. I saw this pregame warmup pass on facebook and had to share. Its a parlor trick but I love it anyways.



I think bengals vs eagles would make a hell of a super bowl. Especially if cincy gets some of their starting offensive line back.

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