QB Arch Manning brings family legacy to Texas

Big get for Texas. What a talented family.

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Is there a college team more Lionzy?

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Malachi Nelson is better than him

apparently… he is not afraid of some competition.
I wonder how fast the transfer papers get filed by some or all of the others???


Didn’t they have a losing record this last year

Vanderbilt? Indiana?

This dude, while not excessively handsome, is far better looking than the other Mannings. Probably a couple of generations of evolution away from a bald offspring, but they are evolving. Good at football too.

Isn’t that like being smarter than the other Kardashians or better than other Tyler Perry movies? You’re not exactly erecting a high bar there.


LOL - Fantastic comparison, bro. Thanks for the laugh. If not for football, they would have died virgins for sure.

I’d say Iowa. Always middle of the road talent. Will beat teams when they shouldn’t every now and then. And lose to teams they shouldn’t more often than they should. They’ll be bad when you think they should be pretty good and have a good year once in a blue moon when you least expect it. Plus they usually have average quarterback talent.

I wonder how much they paid?

The Mannings always seem to focus on the right system for them first, then the college atmosphere they want. Sarkisian is a good football coach. Manning doesn’t need to maintain a standard there. He simply needs to elevate the present situation.


Solid gold stuff! :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:

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