QB at 2OA. Does it have to be Willis?

There is a funny thing about the “Willis at 2” thread.

Why is it only Willis? Is he that much heads and shoulders above all other QB’s? I do think he has the highest ceiling, but is that always the best choice?

If you look at many mock drafts, when you see a QB go really high, nine times out of ten its WIllis. But if you just look at the first QB taken (sometimes at 6 or 8 or 15), its sort of all over the place. Sometimes Pickett, sometimes Corral, sometimes even Ridder.

It’s because the Willis crowd sniffs the most glue. Tom Brady went in the 6th round ran a 5.24 and had a 24.5 vertical. He has played in 10 Superbowls winning 7. How is his upside? Brains > Everything Else


Willis won the post season process in a big way. When you take away the team and the opponents, the guy that is most athletic, with the best arm wins. How meaningful that is can be debated. Impressed at the senior bowl, the combine, the pro day… in the media room. It would be difficult to help yourself more than willis has.

In regards to the 2nd pick, the narrative is that he’s the only guy with upside better than Goff. What’s the point in replacing goff with Goff? Is that fair? I dunno. I could see Ridder and Corral being efficient passers, and they definitely have mobility that goff doesn’t, so i do see upside there. Upside is important to our particular team situation.

Corral seems to be losing some luster by being absent from the process. I’m curious to see if that’s just in the media, or of he drops on draft day. He was almost consensus top qb leading up to his injury. Maybe some value to be had with him?

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I think Corral is the better overall QB in this draft but I don’t think much of the group .


Its hard to say Corral at 2, isn’t it? But if our staff does that, instead of WIllis, I’m fine with it.

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