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As you guys may already know from my past posts, I like Goff as a QB and he’s solid and if we give him the pieces and a good offensive line he can come through and we can compete, but I just feel it’ll be very hard to win a Super Bowl with him because everything has to be perfect and just thoughts of us losing by 10-17 in a playoff game and we’re playing against a top defense, do you feel comfortable with him in shot-gun and the defense knows we’re throwing the ball, no more open playbook and we need to sling it…

Having said that, as I was watching the bengals game yesterday and also the 49ers game… What Shanahan has done with the 49ers and how he built that defense and surrounded Purdy with all these studs amazes me, and has me thinking we gotta build more on this defense and if Bijan drops to 18 possibly take a look at him, imagine how much explosive this offense will be and how much it’ll help Goff more… He can be our Gurley and we can run 21 personnel like the 49ers and cause problems! Have Bijan in out wide (good catching RB) and have Swift in there with Jameson Williams and Amon, that’ll have me so much more comfortable with Goff and taking so much more pressure off of him. We can be like the greatest show on turf Rams…

Also how the Bengals built there defense and also some of their massive signings in free agency that have made a impact. Btw Lou Anarumo is no joke!! Haha can’t believe no one has looked for him for a HC job… dude suffocated Mahomes and did the same to Josh Allen last night… just shows you how good Matthew Stafford is :wink: dude was playing with 3rd string tight ends and 7th round reciever and Odell hurt and RB’s having 1.9 yards per carry lol. No looking on the biggest moment and taking the Dub… not everyone is stafford I guess haha

Another thought that comes to mind is the Eagles and how when they drafted Hurts in the second round after giving Wentz that massive deal, sometimes u gotta just try and get ur guy and try to make deals and attack free agency like Howie Roseman… the way he’s been so aggressive and has this moneyball philosophy when it comes to the offensive line…

As of rn my thought process is, get a CB, and take Bijan if he’s there at 18 and attack free agency get a CB and a DT and let’s go for this. Our window is rn, we should be going into next year not just wanting to make the playoffs we have enough pieces to drop 35 on anyone and compete against anyone. We need to get some veteran leaders in free agency and get a OG in draft.

What do you guys think about it? Get in depth and tell me what you would do if you was the GM for the Lions.

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Or we run Dan/Ben’s offense and have the league chasing the Lions offense.
I will not be disappointed in drafting Bijan, however like most on the board, I’m most concerned about the Defense.
From what I watched with the teams still in play is how their defense stopped Allen and Dak.
To make a late run in the playoffs, we need to shore up the D. Bengals may have found a bit of Kryptonite with Allen. Relentless pressure and being able to stop him when he takes off. Our D is not there yet.


Allen and Dak don’t need the defenses to stop them, they can do it all by themselves.


I feel like he’s proven that that’s not true. Things were far from perfect the entire year and he still lead them to a winning record. If they got in this year, they may very well have gotten to the big game. I see no teams in the NFC that I don’t think the Lions have at least a shot at beating.

The games we lost against good opponents were more the failing of our defense than anything Goff did. The Eagles, Seahawks, Bills, and Carolina were all defensive collapses.


What i saw this weekend is that if the lions are healthy they can compete right now. 2 teams lions beat (jags and giants) lost. Both those games would have been better if lions were in them instead. Also if lions played the eagles later in season perhaps lions would have won that one. And that is a eagles team that is very very good. It shows how tough the lions schedule was when of the final 8 the lions played 5 of them.


Those 2 teams the Lions beat also won playoff games the first weekend. So we not only beat playoff teams, we beat teams that won games in the playoffs.


I’m talking can you trust him in the big moments in the playoffs against the top defenses and down a lead. You also have the game vs Cowboys where he kinda laid an egg (even tho Jamaal Williams fumbled at goal line) also have the game vs the patriots. He’s a good QB and I think he can take us far I just feel everything needs to be perfect for him. I hope we don’t realize it late and waste a few years. What I mean by that is he balls out we lose in wild card and the year after divisional round and then sign him to a big deal and deal with another few years where it’s just not enough… I hope I’m proven wrong tbh. I’ll be Jared Goff biggest fan this year. I guess we will wait and see what happens.

If Brad Holmes believes in any of these QB this year then I wouldn’t mind him taking one, even if he sits this year and attack the Free agency and get some players on defense.


What I took from the playoff games is how far our defense is from where it needs to be to seriously compete in the playoffs. I don’t see Brad splurging for the pieces needed to elevate our defense because, IMO, he’s about sustained excellence and annual Super Bowl viability built primarily through the draft. This year, Brad is going to focus on the D. That’s what he said…

When he nails it in the 2023 draft, his perpetual motion machine takes flight.


We all know that we are probably 3 players and a coach away from being a good defense.

We really do need to bring in a Fred Warner type badass at LB. DB spot could use some speed.
An upgrade next to Alim would be significant as well.

If Hutch, Paschal and Houston continue to improve and make a sophomore jump, they could cause other teams real issues, along with Rok, Commish.

Offense just needs to add a Bijan type player, and keep Chark, and everyone else stay healthy.


yeah but he lost those games when everything wasn’t perfect. which was the point. has the season been that long? has the season really been that long?

We were averaging about 32 points in those losses. Hard to fault the QB there.

Nobody is perfect … all QB’s have tough plays and tough games.

But our offense was not the problem in those losses.


Look what he was working with in those games. Amon wasn’t at full strength, I’m pretty sure. But even if they were at full capacity, I’ll take two bad games early in the year if the rest of the games are going to be like he played in the final 9. I’m not sure where the “everything has to be perfect” narrative is coming from though. The Packers game was pretty far from perfect - cold conditions, hostile environment, wearing gloves he hates - and he won that one against a team who HAD to win to save their season :man_shrugging:


He didn’t lose those games. The defense did. I’ll grant you the two games against Dallas and NE, but the ones I laid out were on the defense, not Goff.

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yeah. The topic is about the QB play. not the offense. so that’s all I was referring to.

Wait so he didn’t LOSE us those games but he WON us those games?


“But” has to be the most used word since the arrival of Goff.

I like Goff, I really do…“but”
I think Goff can be successful here…“but”
I’m the biggest Goff fan…“but”


At the very least he did indeed win the Packers game. Came down to the last throw and he made it. The others we won were a combination of the entire team…as most wins are. But in the games I listed against the eagles, Seahawks, and bills, the defense lost those games.


I would say that Goff did not cause the Lions to lose a game this season. I also would say that in most of those games, including the winning ones, things were never perfect. The revolving door at the RG spot is the top reason why. Losing Chark for 4-6 weeks did not help things. The 4-6 weeks there toward the end of the season, the run game was not producing, and yet the Lions were still able to pull out the win.

With all of that said I do not agree with the OP that Goff gives me any concerns that his play would drop off if/when the Lions get to the Super Bowl.

It’s getting weird with Goff

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They won nine games when everything wasn’t perfect.