QB Pressure Rate: 1. TJ Watt; 2. A. Donald; 3. J. Bosa; 4

… Romeo Okwara.

How much money could you win in bars with that bet, if bars weren’t closed?

Good for Romeo, taking his career to another level.


He has provided the only consistent pass rush we’ve seen all season. We still need another high impact player on the edge, but getting this kind of production from a guy we signed off the street is pretty damn good.


is this because of our DTs eating up blocking as well?

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It’s part of it imho!

I had very little confidence in Romeo this year. He just wasn’t looking like much to me at all last year backing up Flowers on the right side.
This year he’s returned to the left side and is looking a bit more like he did in 2018 for us. Better, even.

Liked what I saw out of him in 2018. Last year Flowers are into his PT but he is really showing up this year.

We have a bunch of decisions to make and unfortunately we cannot trust that our staff will be here, so we really can’t be making them. The only WR we have under contract right now for 2021 is Cephus. Let that sink in… Golladay, Romeo, Hall, Jones Jr., Amendola. That’s 3 starters and a current starter due to Golladay being hurt. I guess the new staff (fingers crossed) will have a lot of moves to make. Just sucks that Quinn among other poor qualities is very very bad at re-upping guys who are on the cusp of being legit. I don’t think you can pay Okwara top 10 pass rusher money. But maybe last year you could have paid him top 20 money and gotten yourself a bargain. Now the guy is going to cost 15M if he stays the course. Imagine if he had a guy in the middle of the Dline pushing QB’s toward him…

I have to wonder if having his brother here had a positive impact on him.


I so wanted Chase Winovich in that draft. Ugh. Whatd he go 3rd round?

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Yep, me too. And if I remember correctly, we had a pick 5 picks before Chase was taken but traded-out of it and then drafted Will Harris…yeah, how did that work out!!! LOL

That was the first thing that came to my mind as well.

Yeah he was one of my 3 finalists in the 2nd round. Freaking Tavai

The most exciting part of that theory is that Julian is A LOT more talented than Romeo.

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Yeah, this team could use a little luck right now and if Julian could become a good pass-rusher right away, it would do a lot for our defense.

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Me three. Will freaking Harris. Jalani freaking tavai. Smartest guy in the room. not.

Winovich was actually having his snaps reduced three weeks (6, 7, 8) in a row. 34%, 20% and 9% before finally getting more playing time again. He only has 6 QB hits and 2.5 sacks this year. Everson Griffen had 5 QB hits against Washington alone.


Obviously he’s being coached up :joy: seriously though, he’s someone that has improved under this coaching staff, some people claim they don’t develop talent.

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My first thought too

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