QB question for the draft

How come Stetson Bennett is not talked about amongst QBs in this draft?
All he ever does is win.
Just curious.


I think it has to do with his off field persona and being 25 and small. I would take him in the 5th or 6th for sure

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Not an NFL starter arm IMO.

I disagree. He connected with 62 air yards yesterday and clocked 59 MPH- same as Levis. Mahomes was 60

He’s bigger than Young… not as heavy yesterday, but he worked out vs chugging 3 gallons of water and sitting in a hoodie.

I don’t see him as a starter, though I do get some Drew Brees vibes. Helluva backup thoigh


water intoxication occurs at about 1 gallon of water. Death will generally occur before you get to 2 gallons. Plus, you’ll fail the combine drug test which won’t look too good.


I really like Stetson BTW. I hope we draft him.

Tops among QBs in the 20 yard shuttle… He’s a waterbug.

4.20? Will he spread the ball around or just Bogart it?

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if the Lions don’t see someone they like early (2nd rd) then I agree. I like him alot as another body in the QB room with a late rd pick and he could become a legit backup to win some games if Goff gets hurt

I like him and think he would be a good addition to the QB room.

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I was asking because it seems as if he will be there in later rounds.
What were the off-field things?

Public intoxication iirc. No biggie.

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Oh, my! I’ve done that, lol!

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Hall >>>>>>>>> Bennett

He would be a quality back up for sure and I was impressed with his arm strength.


Bro → you really think we want a guy on our team named after a Walmart cologne?
C’mon, man!

All Kellen Moore did was win in college.

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He was also the most impressive thrower at the combine not named C.J. Stroud. His deep balls were perfect and his max velocity throw came out as fast as Will Levis’ − so much for his noodle arm − and his short throws were characteristically crisp.

Last year showed how tough life in the NFL is without a reliable backup quarterback. Bennett can be that guy. And we’ve all seen what he does when he’s thrust into games he’s not supposed to win. He wins them. He’s faster than he gets credit for (4.67 seconds in the 40 is faster than Josh Allen, Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, etc.) and interviews like a guy so bored of being doubted that it barely registers anymore.

The knocks on Bennett will always be there. But until he proves he’s not good at overcoming them, someone ought to give him a try.

I think there are a ton of factors that play into why people view Stetson the way they do. One of them is simply the commentary during some of his big games that people watched. They weren’t hyping him up like a Will Levis or Anthony Richardson who could miss a pass by a country mile while also making a dogshit read and the analyst will say “that’s a big time NFL throw right there.”

I would love to have Stetson Bennett as a part of our team. He’s definitely coming in with a chip on his shoulder and I think he would make a great Villain and embrace Detroit vs Everybody.

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You want a winner, well here you go. The D will be in shape after chasing his ass around when the season starts. I’m in.