QB wins are not a stat


Tom Brady: 18/39 - 150 YDS - 0 TD - 1 INT - 45.9 RATING - Wins

Matt Stafford: 21/34 - 291 YDS - 3 TDs - 0 INT - 118.6 RATING- Loses

QB wins aren’t a stat


The better QBs win more games over time than bad QBs or average QBs. It is very simple.

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I wouldn’t take a 1 game sample and make it a rule. How many really good teams has Brady beaten while throwing 300+ yards and 3+ TDs? While he needed his team’s help yesterday, he sure as hell has carried his team to more big victories against legit opponents than almost anyone in the history of the game.

There’s always instances of having bad stats and still winning.


yep, mahomes had a ‘bad day’ (for him anyway) and won.


Iggy it also helps being on a good squad. Tom Brady, the GOAT, wouldn’t have been the GOAT in Detroit.


Interesting, so by that logic would Stafford be the GOAT in NE? Not a shot at your post, just a curiosity.

I firmly believe that Stafford would be a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame if he had started his career with Belichick. As it stands now he still has a good chance if the Lions win a super Bowl and multiple playoff wins.

Eli will probably be a HOF’er because he was on two SB winning teams and he has good stats overall.

I don’t believe Brady would be considered the GOAT if he had started his career on the 0-16 Lions team. The coaching and talent has been below average.


No worries bro, I don’t take it as a shot. But We will never know will we? My own guess is that if Stafford had been drafted by one of those elite organizations (pittsburgh, seattle, dallas, new england or baltimore) he would have multiple SB wins and would be looked at completely different from a national perspective. But when you have a great college career and go number 1 you usually go to the worst team in the league and 0-16 def qualifies you as that…

Good players get drafted by bad teams all the time. Save for a few examples when a good team has a catastrophic injury to their qb (pittsburgh is a good example) most teams who are bad are poorly run organizations who do not know what it takes to build a successful organization until they have the right GM/Coach/players in place. The lions are a perfect example of ineptness from a organization perspective until very recently. The pats put brady into a position to succeed, they needed him to be a game manager in the first few years and just not lose the game for them. He grew into the stud he is. Full disclosure even as I sparty kid I was a fan of brady at michigan and still contend that they didn’t win the national title bc carr’s obsession with Henson. I figured he would be a good qb…big jump from good to GOAT. Brady fell into the perfect marriage. GOAT coach, GOAT organization and that meshed perfectly with his work ethic and talent. The lions just went out there and say “okay kid, we win or lose on your arm…go get em”. with this coaching staff you can see a plan and a method and Quinn has done a great job putting players around stafford. Brady would have struggled in Detroit just like stafford. It is the old “what would stafford look like in seattle or Dallas with that defense and OL and run game??”. All i am saying is where a good qb plays has a huge impact on their career…and that Detroit has been a dumpster fire of an organization for years…

QB wins and losses are in stat equation because stat professionals employed by the NFL ‘still’ keep record of them. correct?

I remember being pissed that they didn’t play Brady full-time over Henson. Even I could see the talent difference as a young person.

Harbaugh is likely doing the same thing with McCafrey & Milton who are both probably better than Patterson…but I digress.

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QB wins are a stat.
If you start the game and your team wins, you get credited for a win
If you start the game and your team loses, you get credited for a win.

And just to let you know, Brady’s stats are better than Stafford’s in every conceivable aspect over their career, but let’s use a one game sample to prove your point.
And Brady threw for 505 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, and a 115.4 rating in a Super Bowl and lost.
What was Stafford’s best Super Bowl performance?
To even try to put Stafford in Brady’s league is just plain ignorant.
Stafford is what he is: an average to good NFL QB.
And I suppose Brady has nothing to do with all those wins though, right?

Who in THEE Hell has compared Matt Stafford to Brady !? Nobody here ! cept YOU bringing it up. Stafford is a damn nice QB, Brady is the BEST QB in the league.

Stafford is perhaps 11th -best and late second or third-tier QB. JR is the ONLY poster that has always claimed Stafford “is” Elite. sure as hell wasn’t anyone else, so why even bring this comparison up !?
To get your hard on for Brady or something? because AGAIN, Matt Stafford is not CLOSE to Tom Brady. BUT neither is Stafford the dog-shit QB of the league.

More Tom Brady stats (pulled for fun):

16/27 for 145 yards and 1 TD - Wins Super Bowl
28/48 for 505 yards and 3 TD - Loses Super Bowl


The point of the “QB wins are not a real stat” argument is that football is a TEAM game—wins don’t necessarily ride or fall on how the QB performs. There’s games where the offense does little, but the defense and/or special teams carry the day. To state otherwise is just plain ignorant.

The better teams win more games over time than bad or average teams. It’s very simple.

Not that I have ever seen. The only ones that I have seen that try to make that a stat is the Media and fans. Now if someone can show me where a statistician is keeping track of wins and losses for QBs or where the NFL calls is an official stat, then I will believe it. Until then football is a team sport and teams win or lose, while the QB can help determine that outcome there is more evidence to support that teams win games then there is that a QB wins games.

Not that its the be all end all, but if you go to https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/gnb/2019.htm they keep W/L records on QBs as a stat. Its the only individual position they do that with.

Thanks Wes, even though they even call it the Team record not the QBs record. So the point is still valid that it is a team thing not a QB thing.

Wins for baseball pitchers are a team win, but its a pitchers stat as well