Quarterback group./those wanting to draft one

I know it’ sucks but our defense is thee worst shape on this football team, we sit around debating who’s the best for it. BUT, It is not ideal to burn resources trying to land one of the top QB’s in the draft, while we go light on defense again.
It’s more responsible and more wise to address the defense HEAVY…then later snatch up a WR or something.

Build a TEAM!
Then, find a QB.
Do it the other way round and you will get Stafford 2.0.

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You take a QB when you can. The waiting game only has popularity this year because none of the QB’s stand out. If there were a top QB prospect in this draft, then the Lions would be crazy not to draft him.


The way I look at it, is all the QB’s this year may need a year. And that’s really not that unusual. If you have a strong feeling about one of them, as DC says, “if he’s the guy”, go get him.
Even if you go get him at 2, it doesn’t mean you’re going light on D. At least three more quality picks are there for D.
I don’t see a sure thing there at 2 at a position of need. So it could be a good time to take the gamble with a QB of your choosing.

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right none of the QB’s stand out, it’s who’s more popular that day, wisdom says fix the worst area on your football team, on The Detroit Lions…that is THE DEFENSE. so…you try helping that in a questionable draft year with the best defensive guys the class has ! I always said a group of Girl Scouts could run through our defense and not be stopped before they reached the QB. I STILL say that. I’m SICK and tired of having a tired/soft , defense! FIX THAT FIRST, do not squander your chances to.

I know this isn’t the popular thing, it is the right thing “right now” instead of trying to enhance our QB spot.

To have Stafford 2.0 would require that we had the 2.0 version of the management that created that scenario.

We have all new people and a totally different situation now. Brad is building this thing very nicely. I can’t wait for all of you guys to see the team we field this year. Things are different now.

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not when your defense is one of the worst in the league.

That’s your idea, and I get it…but that’s not my idea at all.
I say yes. :wink:

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It’s not an “idea”…it is a fact that our defense is far worse off than our QB group …or other areas.

I would love to see how our defense ranked during the last 5-7 games vs the opening gambit mess…

I think we got better but not seeing it imho….

What’s not a “fact” is how to build a team. :wink:
Your “idea” of how you want to build a team is not any more “fact” than anyone else’s.

I know there will be variance, but I just glanced at the first thing I saw, and it said Goff was the 23rd ranked QB last year.
I DO expect him to improve a ton.

Also—> I expect the Defense to improve a ton as well.
AO, Iffy, Okudah, Okwara and many more coming back from injury.
Don’t believe the stats.

My opinion…which is an opinion (just like yours) is that it is easier to build a defense than obtain a top flight QB.
My opinion is that we’re going to be adding a few top picks to the defense, regardless if we use one on offense or not. My opinion is that it’s not that controversial (to me, through my lens of the world, in my frame of reference ,through my opinion).

I’m guessing this entire convo is moot, as we’re likely going [email protected]
But…what if we didn’t?

DO go DE
[email protected]
WR/DT @32 & 34
S/LB/TE with the next 3 picks (still high enough to contribute?)

I’m guessing this draft is going to be mostly defensive, and if we go QB, it will be mostly defensive next year too.

We aren’t going to fix every position this offseason this year anyway.

IMO, what is the difference between this year and next?
I feel most ppl are taking a more short sighted view.

If my goal were to win as many games this year at any cost, I would agreee with you completely…go ALL in on ALL D.

However…in a long term approach, and understanding the difficulty of getting a top flight QB, in conjunction with believing Willis has a good chance to be one…I think taking willis is a good long term move.

Getting a top QB next offseason would cost us far more.
Trading for a top flight QB in 2 years would also cost us a ton more.

We need to be smart as well as lucky. We can control 1/2 of that equation.


Sorry I don’t agree with this. Counter-intuitively, it could be argued that picking a QB at #2 is the best way to improve the defense.

For me it’s a simplification to argue that the sensible path is to punt the QB question into the future and to pile in on the defense. I’d argue that contrary to the popular opinion piling resources into the defense is actually the short-term and linear fix. The danger is that the team will get gradually better but the process will be too slow and their window will close before the rebuild is complete.

People who are advocating for a QB aren’t trying to rush the rebuild - it’s more that they don’t see the team’s development as a simple linear process. They argue that choosing a QB is likely to decelerate the team’s improvement over the next 2 years as the new QB acclimates. This of course improves their draft situation. But moreover is allows them to invest all the draft resources they would have invested into a QB next year or the year after into the defense before slingshotting to a more complete team. Moreover, having a QB on a rookie contract in this period frees up cap space.

Of course, this is largely dependent on them thinking there’s a QB even close to worth taking at #2.


You’re confusing me Natty! I thought you were all aboard the Willis train!?

Confused Gary Coleman GIF

I am. IF Brad thinks he’s a top prospect, they’d be crazy not to draft him.

I think he is, but am more concerned with what Brad thinks than what I think.


This is a message board, the only thing that matters is your opinion, nothing else, lol

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This is where we depart but ironically where I agree if Willis is picked. Goff was 23rd in 2020 with the best defense, the best offensive line, and an awesome receiving core. His shortcomings last year looked awfully similar to what Rams fans complained about the previous two years with LA. I don’t see how or why he suddenly turns it around.

If the Lions see what I see, then doing something at QB if they feel good about the prospect makes a ton of sense.


Good point, bro

It’ll be very telling if we draft one or not about how they truly feel about Goff.

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Goff was ranked super low on part because we sat an unfinished foundation out on the field, then we suffered many injuries and were basically pulling people off of our PS to play…if that wasn’t enough…we changed play callers part way through the season. It wasn’t ‘we were set’ BUT Goff played that poorly. I think Goff starts again all season and we don’t use one of our picks on a QB…yet that is MY belief.