Quarterback group./those wanting to draft one

Agreed, the main reason he starts is because we are paying him 26 mill. Regardless of if we draft a QB or not, I expect Goff to start, at least the 1st half of the season anyways. He deserves it based on his performance the last 6 weeks of last year. Hope it continues.


And just because none of the QBs stand out to the hot-air-blowers on TV and the Internet doesn’t mean there’s not an elite QB among this bunch.

I want the Lions to take a QB because they’re in great position to do so, and I suspect they won’t be next season. Frankly, the “just take one next year” crowd is off their rocker.

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I believe that!
And, the reason things are different is that they are doing things the right way.
The first year was the hard one. Make no mistake, last years results in wins and losses were directly because of Holmes, hitting the reset button.
It had to be done to get the organization on the right footing, but, don’t blame Goff. 3-13-1 is squarely on Holmes/management.
We turned the corner on that situation and now we are moving in the right direction.

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Yep! This years crop would be a reach in the first round of most years.
Taking a QB < Goff would be a reach with no hope of a payoff.

You an put me in the Quarterback group. For me it is simply, do i see Goeff as the long term answer for the Lions? My answer is no, based on what I have seen the last few seasons. Which imo means the Lions should be looking to get his replacement.

With that said, i am also a firm believer that a QB needs to sit their rookie year. Which the Lions are in great shape to do this year or next. I also believe that every QB in this year’s draft needs to sit and work on something this season.

The real questions are do the Lions see Goeff as a long term answer? If they do then i agree they should focus on the defense. If they do not, do they believe there is someone in this draft or next years that they believe can be that long term answer.

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LMAO, “Elite QB’s among the bunch.” who’s that? I eventually want to get the QB group set…but I want to see Goff get his fair shot. I sure as hell can’t judge him straight when we had a half-ass built team last season, I say give that man a team and see weather he swims or sinks…that is fair & a FAR better way to tell what kind of QB he is at that time.

He didn’t get it done in LA. He won’t get it done here.

nobody knows ‘yet’ here, different than LA…with a whole new cast trying to make it. who knows what Goff can do, if we actually get our chit together.

Don’t know. I want the people paid six and seven figures to know to figure it out.

Tom Brady was a sixth-round pick. I can only imagine how you would have ridiculed the idea that he was going to be elite in 2000.

I suspect the people saying they should give Goff a fair shot would be saying something different if Joe Burrow was available at #2.

To be clear, I like Goff. I think he’s a good guy and a decent QB. And I think they should treat him fairly.

I’m not sure however that anyone - including Goff - believes that the Rams’ trade was made because the Lions wanted Goff. It was made because the Rams wanted Stafford and the Lions wanted two first round picks. Obviously I’d like Goff to succeed. But the Lions have been pretty equivocal in their support of Goff and if they believe they can get a guy that has a decent chance of taking them to the next level - they should take him.

Unfortunately, there’s no room for sentiment here.

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I think drafting one of the QBs in this draft early is a slightly bigger gamble than drafting one next year.

They sit this year…they are a “rookie starter” year 2, so no great expectation. We won’t really know until after year 3 what we really have. You have to commit now to giving him 3 years to fully develop. IF he is THE MAN our OL will still be in its prime, our defense should have the guys we wanted with 2 more years of drafting and our cap should be under control.

If we bolster the roster especially the defense this year and draft a QB next year, first, we will know what and who Goff is or at least his value as a QB. The rookie could come in next year and start ala Burrow and even Lawrence and take his lumps but have a defense that can more effectively bail him out. give him 2 years to see what you have.

By the end of year 3 we are in roughly the same position but HOPEFULLY a better defense. so to me if they wait until next year they will have to start their shiny new rookie QB to stay on track with the rebuild. We are taking a gamble either way. That is the nature of drafting a QB.

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I don’t disagree that it’s a difficult decision. But for me your comparison doesn’t quite add up.

If they take a QB this year - I agree that you need to give the guy a chance - that they’ll probably be sitting behind Goff for one year (at least for the majority of the year), before starting in their 2nd year and it’s also probably therefore going to be 3 years before a fair evaluation can be made. They should also be able to improve the defense in that period.

Where we differ is on what happens if we leave it until next year. Firstly, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to get the guy they want - at least not nearly to the same extent as it’s probable they can get their favourite guy this year. This mystery guy that we might not be able to get is however more like Lawrence and Burrow in your model. The Dolphins tried to prise Burrow from the Bengals and were prepared to offer them everything. The Bengals weren’t remotely interested. The Jags wouldn’t have been interested last year either. The 49ers were prepared to give up 3 round one picks for Trey Lance who had barely played the position! And that cost of trading up is going to limit their ability to build the defense.

So let’s imagine that we have to give up 3 round one picks next year for our QB - who probably won’t be a Burrow. That basically means that we would have our mystery QB. Plus - let’s say Thibodeaux as our defensive rebuild over the next 3 years. The alternative is that we could have, let’s say, Malik Willis this year. But we retain the 3 first round picks over the following 2 years as resources for the defensive rebuild.

I think I’d much rather have the 3 first round picks than Thibodeaux (or indeed any player in this class). So I find it difficult to see that the defense is going to be in roughly the same position in both scenarios.

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to be clear, I never gave a flying [email protected] about Burrow , Fields , Mahomes , ect. It was about 3, maybe 4 seasons ago the last time I didn’t “mind” drafting a QB. I liked Stafford real well , but he saw through this regimes BS long ago and he had an offer and opportunity to go to LA , and he darted over there.
Of course, they had their stuff together more than Detroit…and Matt won a Super Bowl.

And, IMO, Willis is no more/less a gamble than anyone else.

The problem is that the guy I want isn’t in this class.

He might not be in the next class.

It’s entirely possible… actually likely that Goff has had, and will have more NFL success than any QB coming out this year or next…

If we had the Steelers, Saints, or Panthers QB situations, then I’d say let’s roll our dice now.

Pickett is a 5 year player with baby hands and 1 good year of production, and that was against modest completion. He appears the most NFL ready, but that isn’t saying much…. His first 4 years were a sad 1.4 TD to INT ratio…

Corral is pretty slight in build. He runs recklessly and if he continues that in the NFL he’s asking for a shortened career. If he loses his running ability, then he’s just a guy as a passer. He’s a less athletic RG3.

M Willis couldn’t get a shot in Auburn, and that means not being able to beat out Bo Nix? He has crazy power and speed, but only averaged 4.8 YPC against terrible competition? The fact that he led the nation in yards after contact, and played weak opponents gives me concern he’s not very good at avoiding contact.

Howell- is there even any reason to discuss him? He’s Tebow 2.0…

That leaves Ridder, and frankly he’s the only one I’ve been curious about since December. He has ideal size, great speed, a plus arm, played good competition, had solid stats and took care of the football.

If you look at all of the best teams in our league. They consistently draft offensive and defensive linemen high every year. We have scattered a few and over the years but nothing seems to sustain long enough to build a real powerhouse. There is a lot of talent on each line this year. We need to load up on as much as we can. This is not the best quarterback year. Do that next year.

Ask Aaron Rogers he sat behind favre thst turned out rather well.

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