Quarterback was and is still NOT the problem here in Detroit

I don’t get all the develop the Qb right now situation. We all know what happened to Stafford in terms of the problems this organization had and has now. However, now we are paying Goff like what 30 million this year.? This could be Goff’s team if it gels somewhat this season.

I can see the updates to Qb next year or the year after… A developing Qb will not fix this team now. Imo.

Carolina drafted a Qb to be developed due to Sam Darnold, Ok I see that much, but I’ll take GOFF.



Goff was terrible for most of the year. QB was a huge problem. Only a few QBs played worse and they were either rookie QBs or washed up vets. Holmes is banking his job on Goff improving which I think is a huge mistake. Look how that worked out for Lynn. I just think we need to have a backup plan incase Goff doesn’t work out.


Nobody is more hated or underrated than whoever the current QB is at any given time. It’s just what we do in Michigan. Every year there was a huge section of fans blaming the teams woes on Stafford. Now the same people who hated Stafford hate Goff…plus the “Stafford Wives” also hate Goff.

There’s very few people who really want to give Goff a chance to learn under Brunell and develop the same way a rookie would have to, especially this year’s crop.


What you are saying is we need to do like we did Stafford. Meaning, draft a guy learn the ropes for 12 years, and good luck!!!

I see this as another 2 years of rebuild, and Qb is not that answer now.

I agree with MILES

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It’s the same as it was being Red Wings goalie awhile ago.

Whom ever it, was the most hated guy on the team by fans.


Only Lions fans see Goff as the long-term answer.
I’m tired of hearing comparisons to Stafford. The national media never saw QB as a need while Stafford was here.


Half of the fan base did, though.

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Funny how that worked. I wouldn’t say half, just a very vocal minority.


All I’m saying is that we had to go through a growth phase with Stafford where he was pretty darn bad. Caldwell helped him get over that. Maybe Brunell is that guy for Goff.

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I mean, this may be true, but take into account how much national media has no idea the actual value of a QB. How many of the guys making these ‘needs’ designations had Willis as an option at #2?


Detroit’s offense will be top 10 in 2022. Even then I’m sure there will be many out there that will want to draft a QB in round 1 (hopefully not another guy that doesn’t end up going until the bottom half of the 3rd round).


If we were passing on guys that looked to be real upgrades, either in FA or the draft, I might be concerned. But I don’t think we need to worry too much about what Goff is long-term right now, because there’s been nobody better available. Certainly in this draft class, it’s pretty clear what the NFL thought of these guys.

Honestly, it probably helps Brad out that things shook out like this. He’s been able to use our resources to focus on other areas where we desperately need help, without having to be in a gun-to-your head situation deciding right now whether or not Goff is the guy. I do think he’ll be in that situation next year—when we have more information on what Goff can be on a more talented Lions team, and better options if we decide it’s time to move on.


Well, they had him more a consideration later in round 1, not necessarily at 2. Jeremiah specifically had him going 32 to us and Zierlein had him at 16. The league invited him to the draft. People being wrong about where Willis would go doesn’t move the needle on Goff, though.

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QB isn’t the sole problem, but it is the BIGGEST one. We traded a good one, for one that can’t play dead in a Western

Understand what you are saying about playmakers/depth voids throughout the roster. That needs to be fixed, hopefully that is happening.

That being said, just because the roster was not good enough when Stafford was here. Doesn’t mean when the roster isn’t good enough when Goff is here=Goff isn’t part of the problem

Half of every fan base thinks the QB is the problem. Half of the Packers fan base was ready to move on from Rodgers.

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The half of Packer fans that believe they would be a better team/organization without A Rodgers are smoking some good stuff

“Trust the process. In Holmes and Campbell we trust.”

That’s been the rallying cry all off season should someone dare to question a move by them.

Why is that good for everything else but QB?

If Holmes and Campbell assess that we didn’t need to pick up a QB this off season, then why shouldn’t we trust their judgement on that??


I see truth to this. I don’t think Goff is the problem…but I also don’t think he’s he answer. He’s average-ish. 15 or so rated QB. he can be made to look better when surrounded by the right talent (they all can), but he isn’t going to take over games and win for you. He’s a playoff QB (which is hard to get, btw). I still want to upgrade.


Truth to this too. I think it was mostly displaced anger and needing to blame. Stafford was always awesome…still is…

Probably truth to that too


Also true → but those are 2 different conversations.


Rationality coupled with intelligence. Niiice

Word. I can see how this could have been a blessing in disguise for us. I still see a tough path to acquiring something better if they feel Goff isn’t the answer though. We win 10 games like I think we will next year…welcome to QB limbo…we’re stuck.

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The pendulum of group think always over-swings. Typically quite dramatically. Goff is nowhere as bad as much of the media portrays him to be. He’s also not nearly as good as the media portrayed him to be in '17-'18. If given the supporting cast he can be a viable starter which then allows us to be judicious about the search for the upgrade. That has value.

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