Quay Walker push

Anyone think that he might face a suspension to start next year? Also does anyone think the other georgia 1st rounder Wyatt should have been penalized as well? He chest bumped the staff member after Walker pushed him. I thought both were in the wrong


And the funny part, if there is one, that neither were anywhere close to the forearm to the head that Swift took that leveled him.


Could they have inforced 2 personal fouls? The forearm to the face during the play plus the push after ?


i think most of the pack defenders were playing dirty football—i saw multiple face mask–holding–and punches and the mentioned fore arm—


I was more pissed about the cheap shot. He was trying to hurt Swift. To me that is more severe than a small push. His ejection was appropriate for the shove in my opinion. His actions against Swift would warrant a suspension.


I’m going to bet the lions submit it and we get a fine/etc for the forearm.

Yes they could have. One was during play and other was dead ball. In fact could have had 2 personal fouls for both pushes on trainer and had 3 of them enforced


The Packers were trying to out physical the Lions and it not only backfired but it also failed. Our lines pushed them around all game


The kid actually tweeted an apology to the Lions and the training staff.

He is just a kid and based on the tunnel video may have some emotional issues…based on that I don’t wanna pile on the young man. Could he be suspended…sure, but I don’t think it’s necessary as his action helped lead to the outcome so he has to face that for awhile and too me…that’s enough.

The second push and forearm shiver to Swift’s face needs to be dealt with tho!


Yes! Both should have been booted. The rule is you don’t make physical contact in an aggressive or angry manner. That was aggressive.
Both should start the season on suspension.
One game for the bump, because he didn’t get the boot last night.
That was Quays second offense. He should get no less than 5 games. When another player is injured, you drop all that shit. Period.
You’re not a badass. You’re an asshole!


This is his second time this season doing something like this. I think its okay to pile on.


It’s not okay when there are more serious things going on, as that appears to be the case.

The shove of a Lions training personnel was wrong but equally bizarre. The hit on Swift was far, far, far more egregious. He was trying to really, really hurt Swift—one week after a player almost dies on the field.


Ehhh…I think a suspension might be exactly what’s needed. Two ejections in one year for shoving folks who aren’t even playing? Never saw that before…


He’s still a kid, in the biggest game of his career. Even though he is a repeat offender he’s still a kid and like I said based on the tunnel video he has some emotional maturing to do…I will give him a pass.

People were quick to label Suh as dirty but he really seemed to settle down, I hope the same for this kid. What he did was wrong…he knows that…he will be fined and I thought his apology tweet was sincere and authentic so like I said, no need to pile on in my eyes.


Have we asked whether Jarran Reed has apologized?

Thanks for posting that Nate…I think that was written by him and truely heartfelt so that’s why I hope people will let him move on from this!

Reasonable consequences aren’t piling on, they just reinforce the lesson and help the person who needs to learn. I think sitting him for a game is fair.


Get him off the field if he’s not mentally stable enough to play. Otherwise, I’m piling on. FTP!!!


Putting hands on staff should be an instant suspension.


Jarran Reed, as far as I’m concerned, should be suspended multiple games. More attention should be on what he did. He collapsed Swift’s facemask with an intentional forearm that could’ve broken his neck. It borders on criminal.