Question for season ticket holders

When is enough enough? When do you decide not to give one of the wealthiest families in the world your hard earned money? When do you decide to stop giving them money and finally figure out that the only way the Ford family sells this team is when they start losing money because the stands are empty? . I get no one is gong to the game now. But when they do, it’ll be another sell-out and the Fords will count their money, fire coaches or GMs, talk about their commitment to the fans… and so on and so on and so on. Like it has been for 57 years of their ownership.

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The stands are empty. They are getting no money from ticket sales.

No way in hell as a tix owner I come back to ford field next year with quinn, patricia and stafford back…

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Ticket sales are a minutiae component of the Lions organization. NFL’s TV deals is where it is at. If I had to guess I think that ticket sales and concessions only scratch the surface of paying support staff for the organization.

I love my seats and if I want to go to a game, I will. I am part of the problem but my couple grand a year isn’t supporting Martha and her brood much.

2019 :joy: I didn’t renew this past February