Questions for Jim Nagy by 1:00

I’m having Senior Bowl director Jim Nagy on my podcast today at 1 p.m. EST. A lot of the talk is going to be on the Lions and who they may target.
Any questions for him?


Fun stuff, brother. Put a link up for us. I’d mostly be concerned with
…what do you see from this year’s DT (especially DT) and DE class?
…Do you have any insights on what the Lions might do?


I’d be interested to see if he knows whether the OCs in this game are scripting plays for their different QBs. He probably doesn’t, but that would give me a read on what we could look like schematically if we took one of the guys we worked with.

And do post a link like @BigNatty said!


Comparisons of the Lions staff in 2020 and 2022?


I’m late to this party, but I’d love to hear your podcast. Can you link it here or PM me?

Awesome stuff brother

Would love a link to watch it later!!

Interview went great. A lot of the Senior Bowl in there, with some Lions info, a bunch about Dan Campbell. It’ll be posted on SoundCloud later tonight, and I’ll post a link to it.
Thanks, guys!


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Ask him about Jalen Tolbert. What’s his upside? What is he ready to do now at the NFL level and what does he need to work on? That’s awesome. He seems like a great guy.

Here’s link to the podcast:

Normally, we do almost all northern Michigan high school sports, but had a few pros on over the years (John Scott, NHL; Adam Trautman, NFL).


3 QBs in the first round.
“Kenny Pickett is a better Kirk Cousins”
“If you’re Detroit, I dunno if you wanna defer to next year, because we dont’ know what next year brings.”
“Good pass rushers available in 2nd & even 3rd round”
“Great depth @ TE”


thanks for posting, man. Quite a good listen.

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Yep! I don’t normally take a hour to listen but man what a solid interview

“MCDC will become a national celebrity after Hard knocks”! :crazy_face:


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