Quick reference: 2019 coaches fired

Just placing this here as quick reference to the departed coaches.

Paul Pasqualoni, Defensive Coordinator

John Bonamego, Special Teams Coordinator

Jeff Davidson, Offensive Line

Chris White, Tight Ends

Brian Stewart, Defensive Backs

Al Golden, Linebackers

Rodney Hill, Assistant Strength & Performance

Harold Nash Jr, Football Performance Coordinator

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Not picking on the the guy, but why would make you hire Chris White as a Tight Ends coach? Maybe as an assistant to learn the job but not as the main guy.

I think you’re fair to ask, and no, I wouldn’t. He’ll catch on somewhere I’m sure. They all do.

Way to fire all the guys that qualify as middle management. How about firing the clowns that make all the decisions?


We definitely needed to turn over the strength and conditioning coaches because we were the walking wounded all year and we are supposed to be a “tough” team that does gassers and run a newly installed hill. Still think Paz needs to go. Sacrificial lamb probably but MP needs another voice in his ear telling him to not leave a 250lb LB in to cover (not blitz) on 3rd and 16. The LB coach doesn’t have enough impact on the game to do that.

MP filled his staff with mostly Caldwell holdovers and college rank coaches.

Stewart was one of the few with a solid background that included NFL experience. So letting him go seems very odd to me. I wonder if this had something to do with MP wanting to play so much man coverage.

The real question comes with who MP will chose to fill the holes with. Can MP convince a coach with extensive NFL experience to join his staff?