Quick takeaways from Detroit Lions comeback win over the Bears

Has he had a good game?

Second leading tackler for Lions behind AA yesterday You need to watch closer or stop your hate about who Lions draft its showing ,Let your eyes show you why lions drafted him, an how well he has played.

I don’t mind when fans complain if the facts support them . Campbell has played very very well an each game gets better. I like Barns but Campbell as a rookie has out played him this season to this point. Why do some fans always want to bash rookies who are out playing there favorite player or players. If facts supported your points fine but they don’t . We have good LBs an you want to bash a rookie who other than AA is are second best. Your doing same with Jamo maybe complaining about draft is what you enjoy

Absolutely players can improve. That doesn’t change the fact that he shouldn’t be playing at this point.

Another silly take. You’re a natural at it.

He has to play to improve. Once he really starts to trust his instincts, he’ll look like a different player. Right now he’s like most rookies, he’ll make a play then he’ll get fooled. The more reps he has the less he’ll get fooled. Then he’ll start to take off.

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I thought he was solid against Oakland. I think he’s been fine for a developing player aside from

It’s time for Lions Domination !

Worst lion the field yesterday. Guess PFF just wants to bash rookies and have a hate for Jack Campbell!!

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