Quinn and Patricia back for 2020


Damn you’re quick, I just got the 97.1 notification.

Time to listen to Valenti flip out LOL.

Good job Wrath. I think this definitely means that if Patricia goes, so does Quinn.


The Fords said it was based on their performance in the first half of the season.

The defense sucked all year. Horrid. They Fords didn’t even watch.

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I’m going to take sometime to think about this but I might be done with the Lions.

Its been a miserable 37 year run for the most part but the only thing I can do is speak with my dollar.

I live in Texas so I have to directly give them money to watch


From O’Hara:

“We expect to be a playoff contender,” Mrs. Ford said. “That means playing meaningful games in December.”

So, OK. We’re wasting another season before they’re broomed out. Another year of getting their players for their systems that don’t work. Hopefully those acquired players are versatile and talented enough to work in competent schemes down the road. But I kind of doubt it, given that Quinn drafts players two and three rounds before other teams were considering them.


They didn’t even have the balls to tell them its playoffs or bust.

They just want to be playoff contenders. :roll_eyes:

So basically, 9-7 would be fine. Ya know, the same record that wasn’t good enough before …

What a joke of an ownership.


Not true. Stream the games, it’s easy and free.


That quote is why I think I’m done.


I’ve threatened this 1000 times but there is a good chance this is it for me.


I, like you, so want to be done, but know otherwise. It is a generational curse that might have been my father’s only flaw. I have been able to avoid watching a game in its entirety, but am simply lying to myself if I state I am FINALLY walking away.


Sounds like there is going to be changes to the staff my guess is PP is gone at the very least. Once Stafford got hurt I figured that was going to be the selling point to bring these clowns back. It sounds like playoffs or bust for next year, so this offseason should be exciting since Quinn has no choice but to go all in trying to win.


So it appears Martha and the late WCF have this, in common: they both think they know more about building a winner, than the fans do - even after 56 years of failure.

Martha and Sheila are - in effect, telling us “trust us”.

And you feel helpless, because we have NO leverage. Half the stadium being empty, is NOT ‘leverage’; they still make a ton…

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Martha doesn’t have the juice left in the tank to start over. She’s probably still traumatized from the last GM search.

F this franchise!

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As a little kid, my first love – even before the Lions – was the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team with all of the Hall of Famers, that won all the Super Bowls. Terry Bradshaw was my favorite player.

It was my Dad, older brothers, and Billy Sims who sucked me into Lions fandom, circa 1980.

So it would be somewhat authentic for me to try to resurrect that Steelers fandom. Now there’s an ownership family that figured it out, the Rooneys.

And Pittsburgh’s only about 4:30 from Detroit, only a little more than what games at the Silverdome used to be when we drove down from Up North. Hmmmm…

I’m sure I’ll always follow the Lions. But it’s increasingly coming with emotional detachment, except for amusement/disgust.


What good coaches or free agents are coming here for this lame duck situation.

Find me a comp for something like this

This was a stone cold lead pipe lock fellows. Anyone who thought otherwise was deluding themselves. I will say Adrian has it right in that they don’t even have the balls to give them an ultimatum that makes sense in regards to a playoff win. What the hell does playoff contender mean, really, anyways in the NFL? Basically means you’re not one of the worst seven or eight teams.

Somehow I think Rod Marinelli snuck in and wrote their presser notes


That’s going to be a challenge for these two.

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What’s even crazier is the Fords have mandated staff changes.

Scapegoat that f****** Waterboy!!!


Well Slay is probably still here now lol.

Hell he might even get a contract extension. They won’t be here when declines lol