Quinn presser on Tavai

Says they had conversations about trading up to get Jahlani. Makes me wonder if there really was that much interest at the top of the second for a ILB nearly all the scouting reports had pegged as a day three pick, or if Quin lives in his own reality bubble

Quinn said that LBs that fit our scheme only come around once a year at most.

Just take that FWIW.

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A slow thumper linebacker who can’t cover? Yeah those guys are virtual unicorns :yum:

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I mean, KVN seemed to have carved out a role for himself, and he’s another one that fits most of your description.

KVN was more athletic. His 40 was still a slow 4.71
Tavai ran a plodding 4.83

Check out his RAS. PFF has him rated as one of the worst cover LBs in the draft and last year the Lions were putrid in coverage. A fast Slot receiver or TE will eat him alive.

Sure he is smart and has good instincts; but do you remember how Tabors athleticism (lack of) didn’t matter because of his instincts. He put the stink back in instincts. That was another Quinn pick where he was on pins and needles, biting his nails hoping he dropped to the lions in the second when his 40 time dropped him off most boards entirely

Im not trying to convince you, im just giving you food for thought.

I kinda think this is all silly and pointless TBH.


I know, and I always enjoy your opinions for sure. I just remain underwhelmed by the draft. But hopefully my doubt is proven wrong


Believe me, I feel you.

For every Golladay, there’s a Tabor.

The frustration comes from doing the only thing we as fans can do – rely on scouting reports and analysis … which, so far, ain’t lookin’ good.

I totally understand.

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He said they’ve been watching him for over a year and have been focused on him since October!
They were obviously convinced NE was going to move up to get him. The old coach is in their heads!

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So he didn’t go to the combine or have a pro day because of his shoulder. I have a feeling the RAZ numbers are made up.

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I’m hoping they see him as more than just a thumper. They must think he has potential as an edge defender to take him that high. Right? They completely screwed the pooch if they plan to use him on run downs and special teams only.

Quin and Patricia both repeated that he could set the edge.


From what I read He did part of the pro day at a college and finished at his old high school

Thanks, that’s good to hear.

Gil Brandt has Tavai as a third round prospect. Add in his scheme fit, size, and versatility and his value to the Lions obviously increased.

Heres the aforementioned presser:

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