Quinn refers to Wagner as “cornerstone piece”

“Some of the corner pieces of our offensive line are in tact with our left tackle, our center and our right tackle,” Quinn said. "Couple of free agents that are going to be up at the guard position that we have to evaluate.

Safe to say he isn’t going anywhere.

I think it’s less about the term cornerstone than prioritization
He will work greatest needs as always

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If they cut him, half of his cap hit this year is still on the books. Maybe they just don’t really think it is worth going all out and replacing him this year. He might not be that great, but I don’t see him as a liability. Not sure how he graded this past season since he did miss 4 games with injury.

I view Wagner as easily being our weakest link on the OL. I am not a cap guy. Maybe we keep him on as an expensive backup? I dunno. His would definitely be a position I’d be trying to upgrade, if at all possible. I know we have a lot of positions that need upgrading, and we likely won’t get it all done this offseason.

This year, people are going to bitch up a storm, no matter who we draft.


I hope Quinn doesn’t actually believe this. Wagner has been a bust at RT and Taylor Decker is average at best.
And don’t get me started on Jarrad Davis. He’s rated one of the worst LB’ers in the league and is close to a bust for a first rd pick.


Nailed it. And yes, Davis can already be considered a bust. He wouldn’t be on the roster of a good team. The only reason he is still here is because Quinn is stubborn and doesn’t want to admit he screwed the pooch on another high pick. On the other hand, if he got rid of all the trash he’s procured, we wouldn’t be able to field a team.

Bob Quinn meant ”Coldstone” not “Cornerstone.“ Wagner as ice cream makes sense of course.

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If Quinn thinks Wagner is a cornerstone piece to our Oline then I’m simply not watching the same games Quinn is.


Quinn has to win now, he is going to not create holes for the sake of using current $ or draft assets to re-fill them.

This tells me Slay stays and Glasgow goes, and Snacks likely stays.

They are going to go full “injuries derailed us last year” in their minds…

Well, there’s certainly no point in talking down guys who are under contract. You may want to trade them some day. That said, looks like unless somebody comes in and steals his job, he’ll be in DET for another year or two.

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Is he talking about the Detroit Lions? Cornerstones? Ragnow, OK. How about Slay and Golladay or even Tracy Walker as cornerstones. You know, like the pro-bowl worthy players. I don’t see a cornerstone at LB or OT. But he’s the GM, so I guess it must be true. Surprised he didn’t mention TE.

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Listen, this stuff it 100% fluid. what is said today means nothing tomorrow.

If you truly think BQ is totally transparent at these interviews that all HC’ and GM’s are 100% honest …. please…

People just need / want fuel to talk ……

I see nothing here as he did not saying anything. tomorrow it can and probably will all change…


Why does this tell you that Slay stays? Even if Slay stays, I think he ends up holding out.

Why does this tell you that Snacks stays? What Snacks does is 100% on him and has 0% to do with Quinn.

I’m psychic

Lol - I was thinking more like psychotic!! :crazy_face::+1::heart:

not mutually exclusive

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We are paying Wagner $11.9 against the Cap to stay or $5.8 against the cap to be gone …Is a starting RT who knows our system and can perform at Wagner’s level available in Free Agency for $6.1 Million in 2020? I say no , keeping Wagner is an easy choice .


That is how QuinnTricia sees it I am sure.

My bet is they are going to run it back w the same crew plus 2 starters in FA, plus a trade down netting 3 guys who will contribute from Day 1, minus Glasgow.

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So maybe you sign a guy like Conklin to a 4 year deal, where the first year isn’t a killer and you subtract 6.1M from his 2020 cost. Yes you may pay a bit more for the position in 2020, but you pay less in 2021 probably AND for two years you get someone who can actually play the position at a high level so we can run the football.

From SI:

Should the Lions cut him (Wagner) following June 1, they will save $9M in cap with $2.9M of dead money in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

The veteran tackle was recognized by Pro Football Focus as one of the best at his position when he signed in 2017.

However, Wagner presently owns an overall grade of 59.1, along with a 60.2 pass-blocking grade and a 53.9 run-blocking grade. (emphasis mine)

It adds up to him being ranked the 58th-best tackle in the game, although he possesses the fifth-highest average annual value contract among right tackles and the 21st-highest among all tackles.


Not that I disagree. I think Wagner stays but this draft has some real talent in it at OT and BQ could replace him with a high draft pick for that price and The draft pick would probably still play better as a rookie. Wagner sucks in my opinion.

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