Quinn says they've studied OL extensively; lots of depth available

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Well, I hope they don’t wait too long, none of the guys they have now are half-ass decent at run blocking, and I thought that was going to be a point of emphasis. So, if they wait until the 5th or 6th they might end up with the next Joe Dahl.

It is my personal hope that after 3 rounds the Lions have a pass rusher, CB, and IOL, preferably in that order. Going into Day 3 is when they can get their TE, WR(s), RB, and whoever else.

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We’re on the same page, brother. OG, DE, CB2, OT (in that order), for me.


DE/Edge, OG and CB2,
So, for me I am flexible on the defensive guy, but want a starting OL out of day 1/2. I am hoping for Dieter or Lindstrom. However, the Lions have really hit the ranks hard with OL, Davis, Martin, Gailliard, McCoy and others mentioned.
They hit Joejuan Williams early on the CB trail. I know they have looked at Lonnie Johnson and Derrick Baity. They have looked at Sean Bunting…

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This is why we need to trade back and get an extra pick or two.


It wouldnt surprise me if we trade back a couple of times in the first couple of rounds in search of additional late second, third, and forth round picks. Quinn has stated several times that the sweet spot in this years draft is in rounds 3 and 4.


I’ve been told that the only offensive lineman worth drafting are in the 1st round, so that’s why we keep doing it over and over and over again. Other teams just get lucky I guess.


I’d be juiced if we got 2 starting OL out of the MFr.

I feel like bolstering that unit is more important, because our coach seems to get solid production out of skeleton crew Defense. I feel like we will have a solid-to-good defense, just with what we have now (on paper, it already looks to be upgraded from a defense that was rated #10 last year).

If we don’t get a mlb who can cover and tackle going to be another long year

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In the 4th, take Max Sharping. I see him as viable for playing RG or RT…

NFL Media analyst Lance Zierlein compares Northern Illinois T Max Scharping to Detroit Lions T Rickey Wagner.

Scharping was one of the true analytical stars in his time at Northern Illinois, but he got mixed reviews for his time at the Shrine Game, and didn’t show much explosion during his time at the NFL Scouting Combine. Still, the 6-foot-6, 327-pound tackle has his supporters, including Zierlein – for the most part. "NFL rushers will look to exploit the inconsistent footwork and balance that shows up when his pass sets become hurried and unfocused against true edge speed, " he writes. “He might get a shot at left tackle, but might be best-suited on the right side where he has the potential to become an above-average starter.”

Ohio State OG Michael Jordan in the 3rd (local kid from Canton, MI)

Book it.

Or maybe we’re unlucky.
How many attempts has there been to do what the Cowboys did with their offensive line??? And we’re STILL grasping…

Jeez, though, that’s an unfortunate resume.

Ohio state? yuck.

Michael Jordan? Is there a more hated Chicaco Bull? (oh, yeah, Scottie Pippin)

Or maybe inept as hell or downright stupid. You can’t be changing your offense around every couple of years and expect guys who were drafted or signed before to fit whatever the new system expects of them. It takes awhile to acclimate and adjust to whatever the new schemes are, and it appears a few of our OL coaches were somewhat less than effective or maybe even adequate. Some would say that a few of our more recent OCs too.

Hopefully the latest staff is more successful, let’s put it that way and as a result we get more continuity and better results just from more familiarity of what is supposed to be done and who is supposed to do it and when.

So yeah, this aged well.

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UDFA starts now!:rofl:

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Yep, Crosby vs. Oday vs. UDFA

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It served it’s purpose as a smoke screen.

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Yup - They flat out asked him the question about OG, and he said he was happy with what we have.

I mean, there’s no way of proving that one way or the other, but if it helps ya sleep – by all means! :pray: