Quinn's building blocks

Decker, Ragnow, Jackson, Okudah, Walker (hopefully)

Some of you might include Swift.

That’s it, boys.
2016 - 1
2017 - 0
2018 - 2
2019 - 0
2020 - 3 (including Swift)

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Golladay was a hit here (for awhile), and netted the Lions a No. 97 overall draft pick in S Kerby Joseph. So, Quinn might get a legacy credit there. lol

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I’ll give Quinn credit for the OLine. That was mostly him.

Everything was pretty much disastrous.

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he deserves some credit for the offensive side of things tbh

Yeah, defensive side of things was a disaster top to bottom

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Yeah but we’re loosing because we have to clean up this mess witch doesn’t look like it’s much of a mess most of this mess is on Rod Holmes.

Yep, add in the guy they should’ve kept (Glasgow) over paying for an out of position expensive FA (Vaitai), that should’ve been another on the OL.

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