Quintez Cephus, COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on Injured Reserve!

Oh my goodness seriously??

Did they say what it is yet? I’m guessing a collarbone based on how he fell…

I’m telling you, in the words of the late great Albert King, “if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all.”


“clavicle or shoulder” per MCDC


Damn… he was our best WR… I thought he was getting better every week and had some real nice catches today


Yeah, 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

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The good news is that no matter how banged up we get, we’ll never lose an All Pro starter to a season-ending injury.


Do we just have a shitty strength and conditioning program? Every year we have significant issues with injuries. Maybe instead of focusing on Head coach we completely gut and rethink the strength and conditioning program. Just crazy how many injuries we have every year. Only other thought is that we consistently have a bunch of players looking for a check while in street clothes. That couldn’t be an issue could it???’n​:scream::grin:

John Lee Hooker on Stevie Ray Vaughn-

If I wanted to listen to some Albert King, I’d just put on Albert King…

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Not like there’s a massive drop off compared to the Walmart employee we’ll sign to replace him.

I suggest trading a 7th for Binjimen Victor from the Ravens. I have no idea how he isn’t doing amazing there. He has the biggest catch radius of anyone I’ve ever seen outside of Megatron and guys like that.

Hahahaha I never heard that before! That sounds like some shade.

I do like some Stevie Ray Vaughn but never totally got into him… Albert king on the other hand… all time favorite blues player and definitely one of my favorite overall musicians. I like him better than BB King, and I really like BB King. There’s just something about Albert King, he’s got a grit and a soul to his sound that is just uniquely his.

I’m gonna have to research that quote, thank you for sharing! What’s the story behind it do you know?

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Sorry love me some SRV but I get the quote!

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I do too, for sure.

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Frank Ragnow says hello.


Ex-Lions WR Jonathan Adams suspended 6 games by the NFL

Jeff Risdon

September 10, 2021 5:09 pm ET

Jonathan Adams didn’t last long with the Detroit Lions this offseason. The undrafted wideout was released by the team before training camp despite a fairly impressive showing during the Lions’ rookie minicamp. And now any hope of Adams firing up his NFL chances have taken another hit.

Adams has been suspended by the NFL for the first six games of the 2021 NFL season. The NFL revealed the suspension on Friday’ transaction list.

Adams is currently a free agent and has not signed with anyone since his hasty departure from Detroit. Once expected to compete for a legit chance to make the Lions at their thin WR spot, things have gone in the other direction for the former Arkansas State standout.

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Isaiah Hodgins is on the Bills practice squad. I liked him coming out of Oregon State.

Maybe throw Baltimore a draft pick for Tylan Wallace.

I don’t know that they’re interested. Getting TWill back will help. Benson needs to concentrate and continue to learn the playbook. Not giving up on him. I’m nit sure about giving up future assets beyond Benson.

@HSVLion brought up Binjimin Victor in a trade. He’s actually unprotected on the practice squad of the Ravens. We could poach him.