Quintez Cephus in line for more playing time

Specifically, Campbell said Cephus was “a lot better” with his route discipline against the Packers than he was the 49ers.

“That shows that there is improvement,” he said. “He’s got to just keep coming. You just got to keep getting better and the more he does that, the more Goff will trust him and give him opportunities.”


I think Cephus is going to be a really good receiver. Not the fastest or biggest but he gets open. Is he gonna be the #1 ever? Probably not, except for this year. But I think he can be a super solid #2 guy if he keeps improving

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I saw it at the end of the 49ers game. Not only the talent, but the faith Goff started to show in him. The stat sheet didn’t quite do his first game justice.


That’s an interesting point too, about Goff having faith in him. They basically started this season without the whole offense playing together in game situations. Goff initially looked like he trusted no one but hockenson, but now Cephus seems to have emerged as the second guy he trusts.

Will be interesting to see moving forward.

As far as st. Brown, he has not seemed to earn that trust level, or maybe he’s just not getting open? Not sure what’s up there but he is a rookie WR

Do people think that Tyrell Williams jumps right back in as the clear #1 when he comes back?

I am not so sure. He is the most proven WR, but not sure how much chemistry there could be there yet. He did not have a lot of targets up until he got the concussion in the 3rd quarter of game 1.

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I think Ty Williams has about 15.3 weeks left in his Lions career…or less.


I expected Cephus to be out of the league in a couple of years. I’m here to eat some f’n crow.


I think Cephus can be a legit #2 in the league.


So this sounds like you think Cepheus maintains the most trusted WR status after Tyrell comes back?

I think he might. Not sure.

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Trust is everything at the receiver position. You have to have the trust of your coaches to put you in the game and make you a part of the early progression. But you also have to earn the trust of the QB to throw you the ball. At the NFL level there are so many throws that happen where the QB is simply trusting that you are going to be where you are supposed to be or that you are going to win your matchup. Once that trust is lost…its over. I watched it happen in Dallas with Roy Williams. Once Romo lost trust in him his career was over.

I said it after the 49ers game. Goff found something with Cephus. And I really appreciated that it was at the end of the game. Because thru the earlier parts of the game is where you see how the coaches felt about Cephus and how they gameplanned things going in. But in the late parts of the game the gameplan is basically out the window and coaches and QBs are just doing whatever works. And they noticed going to Cephus worked.

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He was never impressive to me, and I saw him alligator arm or Schroeder arm passes in the preseason and the first game. My brief impression of him was he plays to not get hurt.

Excellent point again, I don’t think the coaching staff thought much of him to begin with either, but now that he’s rising to a trusted player, like you said, trust is everything. So that is apparently changing the coach minds on what Cephus has to offer.

This may be going crazy a bit, but I can see him becoming a Cris Carter type guy.

I just think this whole band aid approach is rapidly falling apart.

How many players over age 27 currently on the roster will be here next season??

Umm…Decker…annnnnnnnd…probably Brockers.

The rest age 27 or older right now? Anal Zone, Igwebuike, Marlowe, Williams, Flowers, Collins, Ty, Raymond and Vaitai.

probably Vaitai and 50/50 on Raymond. That’s it.

This is a Tukhachevsky level purge.


If Cephus came down with that 1 handed catch he would be getting all kinds of love. The dude has some serious hops and athleticism. He may not be the fastest guy around but he got a little bit of freak in him.

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The very first question I always have when watching a guy coming from college to the pros is “how does he look on an NFL field?” Its always interesting for me to see which traits translate and which traits do not. Obviously you expect to see alot of guys have something on a college field that doesn’t make it to the NFL field (size, strength, speed, athleticism, etc). But what’s extra interesting to me is when a guy has something come thru at the NFL level that didn’t fully come out in college.

From what I’m seeing from Cephus, his on field athleticism translates to the NFL field. Its legit. Now its up to him to hone his craft…and up to the coaching staff to recognize the talent and give him opportunities.


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I would take a closer look.
No alligator arms on the play he got hurt.


I think that Goff looking for his check downs and not getting through his reads probably hasn’t helped. He was open on that 4th &1 but Goff never really looked his way. If he continues to get time in the pocket like Monday night then I’d expect St Brown to get more targets as they year goes on.

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