Quinton Bohanna massive man!

I was very impressed with Bohanna yesterday made a few impact plays in the run game. He is listed between 340-360lb

He has a quick first step for that size he looked explosive for that size of a man. He could be a real find from Holmes at the end of the preseason. Still has not played that much football he still has room to grow.

Disappointing it is not Martin but glad we might have a find here.


He had a great preseason w/ the Cowboys after starting 9 games last year but got caught up in a numbers game. I guess Parsons loved the dude. I posted about him before the game and he showed up. I think we have a player in him.

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I mean… i guess disappointing? To me i dont care who it is, especially since the assets used to acquire either guy are not drastic. Get a big guy in the middle that can impact a game, whether it is bohanna or martin they are essentially the same at this point from a lower investment project.

Good to see the big man make a couple plays.

Speaking of big fellas. Buggs back in the dog house again???

He was reportedly battling illness all week

I believe he was a healthy scratch the week before as well. Sure down the depth chart

He played 32 snaps or 44% of the snaps against the chargers

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Bohanna and Broadway are very similar in size and stature, but Bohanna has the advantage of NFL experience–as Nate notes, 9 prior starts.

He had a TFL in yesterday’s game and I think we will start seeing more of him.

Yet another example of “earning” your playing time as opposed to it being handed to you because of your draft status (i.e. 2023 No. 96 overall).

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Yea just looked it up. Played in 6 of 10 games this year. Been inactive 4 times. Yesterday was an illness apparently.

Anyways with Bromart and Bohanna and Benito. Think Buggs may not play much the rest of the year.

And why do all the names start with B?? Haha

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Because it’s the Brand New Lions


Big Men Balling…. :smirk::wink::laughing:


I definitely noticed him a few times. The push he was getting on their OG’s and C was comical.


Paschal and Bohanna at Kentucky.

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Big Men Balding.

Fixed it for @BigNatty