Quintricia realizations

I just realized how fucked up it is that Quintricia didn’t want their players to have fun. Even going to Quinn’s comment to Hock - I paraphrase - “When we drafted you, we didn’t think you’d be trying to have so much fun.” That’s not a glamorized paraphrase. It’s more or less what he said. Not to mention - apparently Slay was having too much fun-
Then I think of how Holmes lost his shit when we drafted Sewell - but Belichick didn’t even smile when they drafted Jones.?.?. Who was Quintricia’s model for ‘serious football’? =The guy that never smiles.
As much as we thought this wasn’t the midwest new england - or whatever the media was calling it - it was.


hard to believe incompetence and condescending belittling isn’t an effective leadership strategy




It’s why Golden Tate and Quandre Diggs were both shipped out.

And we went from a fringe playoff contender to dead last in the league that quick.


Apparently Holmes and the boys were playing corn bile between picks. MP threw out the boards day 1…the bastard.

None of these guys would have been BQ/MP guys.

I would go as far as to say BQ/MP was worse then millen/0-16.


I think you’re right.

Patricia’s teams were far more talented than Mornhinweg, Mariucci, or Marinelli’s teams (perhaps, with the exception of the 7-9 2007 team with Martz as OC), and grossly underachieved due to bad coaching.


What’s more amazing is fans thought as much of that hire as they did this one. The Quintricia hire was a fan favorite much like these guys probably even more. In the end players play and you have to put a quility product on the field.

I haven’t had that ‘oh crap’ feeling with this regime that I did with the last when Opie Griffith was strutting around the draft room with a baseball bat and the reports were that Patricia was late for meetings while berating a reporter for not sitting completely upright

People point to the kneecaps thing, and it was a little ‘pound the rock-ish’ but fell way short of being a M&M riding away from practice on their cycles moment

I still believe in these guys. At least until I don’t


I still believe too, I really like alot of the hires. Just have a few things that are Questionable in my book.

It’s almost like those two clowns were aping someone else and had no actual original thoughts of their own!

Remember kids, always buy into the pitch of the wanna be copy when he comes in to sell you that he was the real brains behind all the winning…


Millen caused fans to show up with paper bags over their heads. Quinn and Patricia didn’t. There’s is a different kind of painful that tested the patience of even the national viewing audience. But I think here in fandom they were a reflection of the Patriots, not the Lions. Indeed, with Marty P going back there it just further cements his never really being a Lion, rather a BB disciple with no other perspective on how to coach. It’s hard to state the grief that regime inflicted. Just a different sort of failure.


They really failed hard when you think about it.

Not only was the on field product very poor and getting worse year on year, but they also alienated and shipped out fan favourites in Diggs, Slay and Tate without replacing them, and they killed off any desire Stafford had to retire as a Lion, he didn’t have the heart to wade through the mess he knew they were leaving behind.

I think most of the blame falls on Patricia, his hateful way of coaching ripped the heart out of the team and his genius defensive scheming is responsible for the dearth of talent on that side of the ball.

2021 is a wash for me, I’m excited for the run game, the pass rush and hopefully seeing some real heart, fight and desire on the field and some character in the team. It will be a losing season but it could be a fun losing season. That shows just how bad Quintricia failed.


100% agree, though his failure becomes Quinn’s failure due to BQ’s decision to change out coaches.

I mean it shouldn’t really seem amazing. Patricia was coveted by multiple teams and was considered by most of the national media to be a great hire for the Detroit Lions. Shouldn’t be amazed that fans bought into that hype, even if you personally knew the end results were going to be a disaster.

Ahhh… but they still showed up.

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Interestingly enough Cam Newton says Bill is the cool guy in New England. He has another side of his personality that he shows the players. So there is a little give and take where you aren’t always getting the horns of the bull. Cam said where New England is different is in all of the assistant coaches. They are super intense and they never seem to offset it. Cam basically described them how we’ve heard our players describe Patricia. A dick who insults you, and tells you what to do rather than having a conversation with you. DJ Williams said that was the problem with McDaniels down in Denver. He brought the NE mentality of “the coaches know best, just shut up and do your job and we will win.”

I brought it up after I heard the Cam Newton interview (before he was resigned to NE). It was eye opening and good insight to why nearly every NE assistant has failed UNLESS they went somewhere else first. Bill O’Brien went to Penn St and Mike Vrabel went to OSU and Houston, as examples. Flores seems like he might be the only outlier, we will see. Mangini had a 10-6 season out the gates as well, and Josh started off red hot. Its almost like they needed to deprogram themselves for a few years to become a human being again.

But back to Cam’s comments that line up with what our players and new coaches have said…Patricia tried to do too damn much and put way too much mental work on the players. Cam described exactly what our guys described…you go home mentally exhausted and dreading the fact that you have to do it all over the next day. If you recall Campbell and Glenn immediately made the observation that our players seemed to be doing WAY too much thinking on the field.


The difference with Millen was ALL about Willam Clay Ford refusing to fire him year after year, failed coach after failed coach, long after it was obvious that he had no idea what he was doing.

In a normal franchise, where Millen’s tenure wouldn’t have lasted beyond Mooch, I think it is fair to say Quinntricia was actually worse. Started with much more and drove it into the ground, turned a fringe playoff roster into an expansion team, while wringing every last bit of joy out of the game.


And didn’t have to spend one minute in pursuit of a franchise QB.

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Honestly. The picture’s getting darker the more y’all speak.

Patricia henceforth has his own ring in the Lion’s hell.

In the other hell, he’ll still account for the rape charges he likely slipped…

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