Ragnow an elite center?

I thought this was the plan when we drafted him. Acclimate at G. Move to C once you get your feet.

It was and is. Just something for PFF to write about.
No one who follows the Lions should be surprised by this.

Good. Center is his natural position, and Glasgow is better at left guard IMO.

To answer the thread titles question, yes, he can be an elite center. He has all the markings to be one.

I don’t think anyone is suprised about Ragnow moving to center. The question posed is will he be and elite player and anchor the line to a new level as the article implies he may

One can only hope

Didn’t they put Glasgow at right guard? And Wiggins at left? Pretty sure that’s what they’ve started out with, at least.

I thought they started with Lang at RG, and then went to the revolving door with him in and out of the lineup. Ragnow might have gotten time in the right side because it was such a mess. I don’t remember if they played anyone but Glasgow at center last year.

He will anchor better than Glasgow.

brokenglass, you bring up a good question and I wish I had kept notes on last year.
There was an early alignment and everyone said “don’t read too much into it” being OTAs and all. But as I remember it, I think we ended up at week 1 real close to what we had seen early in OTAs.

I’m talking about the OTAs so far. Glasgow at right, Ragnow at Center, and Wiggins at left. You are correct about last year. Ragnow was left the whole time, and Wiggins filled in for Lang most of the time at RG.

Hopefully, Glasgow and Wiggins will be more comfortable at right and left guard, respectively, than they were last year, assuming that’s how things continue to play out through OTAs and training camp. They got that guard from the Jets, too, right? So he should be in the mix.

Interesting to see Glasgow on the right. It’s early so they are experimenting now but I’d like to see him there if we are going to focus on the run game more. Hopefully somebody can supplant Wiggins. He doesn’t give me warm fuzzies.

There are some who think Aboushi will be the starter at one OG with Glasgow at the other one and Ragnow in the middle. Wiggins would be the backup in the interior and Crosby the backup OT, although Crosby is also supposed to get a looksee inside. I’m hopeful that Ben-Ben can develop into a decent NFL IOL, but I’m guess it’ll take awhile for him to get a little stronger and learn the tricks of the trade.

First time in my lifetime we will have a great O-Line in the next year or two.

Agreed, Pdono. I don’t think our OL will be world-beaters this year, but Quinn is building something very cool. Let’s see if Decker can stay healthy & get sign another contract, but I believe in the direction Quinn is taking this thing. An actual NFL caliber OC is gonna help them too. Time to get it on with some smash mouth football. Love it.

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Nice jinx job, buddy. Hats off…