Ragnow has a minor ankle sprain


2 weeks to get ready for the season! Hope he’s 100%. This is great news!

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Davis is now diagnosed with a high ankle sprain. Google said it usually takes 6 weeks to recover from that, but also other complications can result from it. Here’s to hoping Davis doesn’t have to miss 4 games. Better than it originally appeared, so they are selling this as good news. I still don’t like it.

Those are tricky and don’t be surprised if he is put on pup in a week. It depends on how he responds to treatment. I’d rather have him fully recovered for the last half of the season than him being less than 100%.

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As shitty as the news is, I agree with you MD. What sucks is the toughest part of the schedule is early. I think if we can manage to go 3-3 in our first 6, we will be a playoff team. I’m so excited to see Davis playing behind our DL, especially if Tavia proves to be good enough to start at MLB, and Davis can slide to the outside. Such a great fit for his skill set. Nastiness.

Thank goodness Quinn drafted a MLB that can start early on, and that JRM has found his game and is playing fast and making plays. The player versatility and depth that Quinn has been building should help us maintain while Davis is on the mend.

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The DL will be a massive saving grace, as LBs will roam pretty freely, and DBs won’t have to cover for as long. Patricia is smart about getting tricky with bringing heat from different places, being unpredictable, and disguising coverages. We have much better talent on that side of the ball, this year, and it will be why we win most of the games that we do.

I believe in what they are building. Maybe I’m being greedy, but I hope we can keep Daniels.

Kenard and JRM look improved. If Tavai can hold his own, we’ll have a decent unit (a good one, when Davis comes back).

Anybody else see the stat that only two players had 100+ tackles and 6+ sacks last year…

And Davis was one of them.

Davis will be all over the field with this Dline in front of him. Hope he heals quick and completely.


They won’t have to tank. They are that bad without Luck.

Wrong thread :slight_smile:

All teams are bad without luck! :wink:

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