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Who has some advice or experience for the safest online betting site(s)? You know, a site that won’t enable or allow some Russian to drain my bank account and steal the title to my house.

Not me. But I’ve made bets locally for others in the past, FWIW.

Edit: Maybe your bff in Sarnia can help out :laughing:

Isn’t there a web site with most of the well known Vegas sports books values and odds? If not, there should be.
If you can find me a casino that has the over/under at 6.5 I will bet $200 and I will buy you a beer.
I don’t want to do 7.
I am seeing between 6.5 and 8 wins on line.

It would cost more than a beer depending on if you wanted a tracking number for your ticket, etc.

BION it was like $12 just to ship it that way to another member. They didn’t pay me enough to cover the charges, but I ate the cost anyway.

I’m not sure about what you’re asking about a universal website, since each casino changes their sheets at different times. Hell, if I knew how to monetize that, I’d create the website myself and just surf around the city each day for updates.

I live within walking distance of The Orleans, but I’m either on the strip or downtown on a weekly basis. Again, I’ll try and find a site that lays it all out in case you want a certain spot, or find a separate website that has better odds.

Only one I’d consider is the over on total wins, but even that I’m unsure on. My Father in law has bet Detroit to win a Super Bowl every year I’ve been with his daughter … I tell him every year to save his :moneybag: lest it fly away with high hopes … :money_with_wings:

Fact: I’ve yet to gamble since being here, but might jump into the NHL next season. I did quite well with logging my predictions. :man_shrugging:

How about a Joe Biden back rub?

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I use BetUS dot com

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Ended up using MyBookie.com
Lions are 2.5 point favorites over the Cardinals.
I’m gonna lay $50 down on that to cover and then some.
$50 bet pays $41.67


Iowa just legalized sports betting. Might have to make a virgin voyage for opening day.


I’m considering making my first sports bet this season, but I don’t think it’ll be NFL.

In other gambling news, I recently pulled my first slot lever in 17 years of living here. I’m such a degenerate!


Not sure if it’s still up but Bovada worked well for me for years.


I’m starting a betting site. If you bet at least $200 with me and lose, I will give you half of your money back! (Fine Print: If you win I will still give you half of your money back)


Kind of like being married.

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An MGM Resorts bettor in Mississippi hit a $900 eight-team parlay that paid $131,200.

The gambler played all eight games Thursday: four in college football (Cincinnati, Tulane, Clemson first half and Texas A&M first half) and four in NFL preseason (Falcons, Dolphins, Bills and Giants).

Buffalo and New York rallied for a pair of miracle covers to cash the parlay.

The Bills, 3-point underdogs to the Vikings, scored three touchdowns in the final 3:53 en route to a 27-23 victory over Minnesota. Buffalo recovered its own fumble in the end zone by quarterback Tyree Jackson to start the comeback. Marcus Murphy then scored on a 79-yard punt return before Jackson threw an 8-yard TD pass to David Sills with eight seconds left.

The Giants, 3-point underdogs to the Patriots, outscored New England 21-0 in the second half to erase a 29-10 halftime deficit in a 31-29 win. Kyle Lauletta threw a 14-yard TD pass to Alonzo Russell on the final play of the game.


Best bet for years is to take whoever the Lions are playing in the first quarter.

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First week. What do you guys like?
I’m thinking about taking the Bills and the +3.
Also the Cowboys to cover the -7.

7 point teaser. Take the Bills and 10. Take the Bears and 4. Dallas even. Lions and 4 1/2. Seattle minus 2 1/2. Saints even.

Trying to pay for a boat my wife doesn’t know about.

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‘Sports Interaction’ has been around for years for Canadians to place a bet. They even advertise on the radio.


I definitely think Bills +3 is a bad side to take in that one. Take Jets -3 and sent me $2.75 for the advice.



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I did not watch the Jets at all this pre season, but I heard a few good things about the Bills.