Rams CB Jalen Ramsey wants a new contract if traded

  • NBC’s Mike Florio reports Rams CB Jalen Ramsey wants a new contract if traded.

Ramsey has three years left on a five-year extension signed in 2020 that’s the second largest cornerback deal in the league. Trading Ramsey before June would leave $19 million in dead money for the Rams while a post-June trade would leave $8.2 million. The Rams don’t have the cap space for Ramsey, who wants a new deal after Packers CB Jaire Alexander and Browns CB Denzel Ward got higher averages last offseason. Whatever team trades for Ramsey will need to sign him to an extension that makes him the highest paid corner.

SOURCE: Profootballtalk on NBCSports

Feb 25, 2023, 5:12 PM ET


This is how it works. The team trading for a player on his level needs to commit to him.

But if people are more comfortable being theoretically correct and never win anything, that’s cool too. At least you have your theory to lean on.

I have read an its know in NFL circles he is a ME! guy an if this is true then what is being said this shows its true.
I was not keen on getting him because of the beans money they have ways making it work.

I am now if this is true not interested he will ruin the whole Lion team concept an yet i know its about money also.
I just don’t think he is worth more but some team will pay him an good for him.

Lions just cleaned a load of crap out , players like him lets work to keep it that way.


You can also look at it being stupid or smart an if stupid go back way its been for many many years for Lions I think its time we tried being smart. avoid players like this. The ME! ones

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The best teams don’t avoid players like this.


I think some do an they are very good teams . Your reason to want him is weak if this is the only one . Give away beans an money an then give him more money cus his ego says I ME want to be highest paid CB in NFL .

That attitude is why just couple years ago we had to eat like 60 million in cap from dead money over paying players like him.

I don’t think we were paying guys like him. Ramsey is actually an elite CB that plays and balls out every game. I’d have no problem with his current contract because the Rams already paid the guaranteed money. A demand for a new contract makes him an easy pass. There are plenty of good CBs in this draft.


There is a difference between paying elite talent elite money and paying elite money to talent that’s not elite. The Lions have a long history of paying elite money to talent that’s not elite. That scares some fans off from paying elite talent, but you will never have a championship team without being willing to pay top talent.

That doesn’t mean they should go all in on Ramsey. That depends on what the Rams want, what Ramsey wants and whether Holmes feels Ramsey will be at an elite level for the duration of time they will be absorbing that cost. He’s a player worth doing that homework on.

A player wanting to be paid their worth is no different than any other job in life. Fans always want players to do something they would never do themselves in their personal lives. People constantly leverage their talents in life to make sure they are being paid their worth. The NFL is just high profile and fans would love to have Patrick Mahomes at the league min so they can stack their team with nothing but all stars, but if you want elite talent it comes at a cost.


I posted he has the attitude its about ME! thats from many people . No one questions his ability.

I think he complained to leave the Finns an now when rumor has him being trade for cap reasons now it become HIM again not a team.

He is making big money an don’t forget its a trade meaning Beans.

I would like to see him play for 3 years for Lions I am not sure he needs a new contract. Nor can he make a team give him one its a trade.

But do we want the attitude on Lions like his with such a young team? I would say No but I am not the GM.

A player can change a culture, or a culture can change a player. I think New England had a good history of their culture changing a player. I suspect what Campbell is building would be similar, but I’m not certain. That said I don’t view Ramsey as some sort of cancer that would destroy a locker room in the way someone like Antonio Brown would. Ramsey just strikes me more as someone like Deion Sanders. The number of players who questioned Sanders commitment to his craft was short.

Per his agent his three preferred destinations are….Detroit, Cincinnati and Las Vegas….

Boy have things changed for the Lions!


Are there any quotes from Jalen Ramsey in this article?

This is %100 speculation from Mike Florio. Now maybe he has some inside sources…but Florio didn’t quote/reference any of them.

The problem likely isn’t the balance of his current contract. The problem likely is that he’s angling for a new contract.

The cornerback market has sputtered in recent years, not increasing at the same rate as the salary cap. And Ramsey surely understands it.


Do we really think that Ramsey muscled his way out of L.A. in search of a bigger pay day…in a “sputtering cornerback market”?

The real winner is Mike Florio, who got a million people to click on an article with almost zero substance.


Ramsey is probably a HOF cornerback. I honestly can’t stand him, but if you are going to pay someone this is the kind of talent that’s worth it….maybe.

Our secondary would instantly be much much better. You want to fix the defense? This guy sure would help.

My biggest issue is how much in draft capital is this going to take? And is there anyone in FA that we can get that is comparable and keep our picks?

Holmes has nailed the first round since coming to Detroit and I hate the thought of giving up a first for Jaylen. Have to admit I’m shocked that he may want to actually come to Detroit. Wow!! What a huge change.

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Maybe we can find the Benito Jones of the CB world or maybe a valuable LB like Paris Lenon. Why pay for good players when there guys like this sitting there waiting to be signed.


Holy shit this sound like what you said when Marnelli was signing every one his try hard players instead of talent. Remember telling everyone how smart he was and we’re finally doing things right. And then we went 0-16.


I do not support this move at this point for the Lions. My biggest issue is draft compensation for the Rams.

This draft is pretty loaded and the Lions SHOULD be able to land 5 starters with our top 5 picks including the 3rd rd. pick. Those will be critical and affordable players for hopefully four years. The Lions will need to extend Amon Ra, Jonah Jackson, Sewell and Goff within the next couple seasons.

If the Rams would take a 5th round pick I am in. But I’m thinking long-term at this point. And I think the Rams will get more than that.

If the Lions are going all in on a position give me a DT.

To me it doesn’t feel like the Lions are in a position to pull a deal like this. I feel like we are one draft away from going all in on winning a ring and we need this 3rd draft to cement the roster before we take a final gamble to put us over the top.


Ramsey gets beat deep a lot for an elite corner. He’s a great athlete, but he just doesn’t seem like a pure cover corner.

I’d be a little disappointed to see the Lions give up a pick and commit seriously cap dollars to a guy only to watch him give up some of those plays that he did in the Rams playoff run last year.

There’s also been some plays when Ramsey has been beaten by a wr, but is saved by Donald putting pressure on the qb.

That’s my problem with Ramsey I believe he’s on the decline he is still really good but his game seem it isn’t quite what it was.

These are the type of FAs or Contracts I would be Leary of.

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I wish I could like this 100 times. You’re a rare breed in America. The guy who spots the weasel words and realizes what he’s reading is completely fabricated.


Where did you see this?

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