Rams/Hags in game

That pass by Wilson on the run was sick!

Hey kids, Metcalf scored again.

Funny, I was just thinking, Ziggy and Clowny. Then Ziggy goes low for a costly penalty. TD Rams!

I hope this game ends in a tie!

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Metcalf was a pick that was obvious. He is much better value than Tavai and should’ve been the pick.

Ah, memories…

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Lost it! That was funny!:grin:

Whew! Glad SEA won, much rather host LAR in the playoffs!

Too soon?

Idk. I think our 2019 team would be worse with Metcalf as opposed to Tavai. We’d have a much better number 4 WR but our LB room would be a horror show


Tavai is the 4th LB on the Lions roster and his snaps are dwindling . There were 4 or 5 WRs that would’ve been a better pick than Tavai as well as Chase Winovich. You are grossly overstating what Tavai has brought to the table so far. You could’ve brought Josh Bynes in for vet minimum to do the exact same thing.

Tavai has not been a disaster… and that’s all we can really hope for from a massive reach, who came from University of Hawaii. He has made no real positive impact. Not like a Metcalf or Winovich

He is not the 4th LBer on the Lions roster. MP is going to tailor each game plan to each opponent and Jones was just a better fit against the Chiefs. Against the Vikes, Bears, Raiders, and Broncos his role will be prominent.

He’s a good player. Is Metcalf more talented? Probably (he’s certainly a better athlete than Tavai) but it’s not apples to apples of course. As BQ pointed out Tavai’s skill set is fairly unique nowadays.

Josh Bynes doesn’t have the same skill set as Tavai. I’m pretty sure that you are aware of that. Jamie Collins is a different story but could we be sure that we’d get the effort that the Pats are getting it would we get the Cleveland version.

If we were going to take a WR I think AJ Brown would’ve paid the biggest immediate dividends bc of his versatility and how dynamic he is in the slot and after the catch.

Winnovich is a nice player but given how we are playing he’s unlikely to be a factor in 3 man pass rushes as I don’t see him as having the length and strength to defeat double teams the way Okwara or Flowers or Hand can. I think ultimately Winnovich will become a very good Ninkovich/Bruschi style ILB for the Pats but he’s not there yet. Tavai was plug and play ready and that moved him up our board IMO.

Tavai’s versatility could also prove invaluable if we are to sustain injuries at that position. He would for instance probably be our best shot at replicating Kennard’s skill set if we were to lose him for a period of time.


Yet another game stolen by the zebras and ruined. NFL bending over backwords to coddle Russell Wilson and handing a win to Seattle.

We all have our opinions as fans…

But, I have to go with the coaches - more so than ever now…

This is one of two articles that our coaches say he’s doing fine… he does the things we don’t see like running the def. … saying he is not doing well is short sighted imho… at least at this point in time.


I’d rather have Winovich than Metcalf. I think the former will have a longer and better career.

So who was the guy that sacked Kyler Murray or popped the ball loose at the goalline against the Chargers if it wasn’t Tavai?

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I liked Chase alot coming out. When watching film I thought it was pretty clear that he was the better player between him and Gary.

I’d rather have Winovich than Metcalf as well. I don’t disagree with Iggy entirely. Metcalf is a talented player. So is Tavai though IMO and a pretty integral part of our team right out of the gate.

To be fair, I didn’t think Winovich was as much of a need, once we signed Flowers. Now, knowing that Flowers is the most overpaid player in the league, I’d like to have Chase here.

Also, I think Tavai is playing just fine for a rookie 2nd rounder. In fact, he’s already much better than our 3rd year 1st round LB. I’m running out of patience with Davis. As of now, he doesn’t get re-signed if it’s up to me.

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I’m starting to come around on this. Granted, he’s recovering from a bum ankle. While he’s decent asset against the run, his pass defensive skills lack. If he demands big dollers, then let him walk.

There’s still alot of season left to play, but I feel like Russell Wilson is in rare form this year. Every now and again we get one of these QBs who is dialed in on another level for a season. Wilson might be that guy in 2019.

I remember Aaron Rodgers was like that back in 2011.