Rams made their move, what move could we make?

Biggest needs right now
OT just don’t think we will but a second for Trent Williams. In my opinion, there has been a significant drop off from Wagner. Bring in Trent Williams and put Decker on the right. DAYUM.

DE I haven’t worked this out yet. Is there a DE out there we could get to get there this year? I’m going to work on this one. Meanwhile, I am fishing for ideas.

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I think we need a edge rusher bad. No pressure on Rodgers at all.


I’d say trenches. But I highly doubt we can find a solution via a trade to help the OL. Best bet is to get a pass rush specialist. Someone we could work into the rotation. Not a starter more like a depth guy or a guy we use on 3rd and long’s.

We could use a power running back and Speed depth at WR.

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Von Miller if he’s healthy.


We need a natural pass rusher. Von Miller and Chandler Jones come to mind.


Those two guys, Miller and Jones, were the names I came up with when I started this. I just haven’t worked out what we could offer as a package for either one. So I kept it out of my post to allow others to express their opinions. I left out A Redskin and some other people to allow for discussion to pan out.

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Von Miller would be a huge get! We have proven that we can hang with the best and even beat the best. But the glaring need we have is a difference maker at pass rusher. I’m not sure the return of Hand, Bryant and Daniels will help with that either. I know they will help to an extent. But Von Miller would keep offensive lines and offensive coordinators up at night with this defense.


Is he available?

I’m still thinking OT, but I have no clue if there’s a good option available.

There were whispers about maybe including him in a trade for Jalen Ramsey but that’s about it. He’s just a really productive pass rusher that’s played for Patricia. Quinn was also there at the time. I’d imagine the compensation wouldn’t be crazy as he is 29 years old. There’s 2 more years left on his contract after this season.

Trade Flowers and a 2nd round pick for someone who does something.

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Lions arent buyers right now.

KC GB needed to be wins.

.500 teams dont sell the farm.

If we are 4-2-1 after the Giants game then I’d be looking to trade for a player.

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Shaq Barrett ?

How 'bout DE Sam Hubbard from the 0-6 Bengals?

Second-year player out of Ohio State, had 6 sacks as a rookie, has 3 already this year.

Would love Von Miller, but what price are you paying?

I’d also note that the L.A. Chargers are currently 2-4 and in last place in their division. I’d pay the Von Miller price for much younger Joey Bosa if L.A. could ever be convinced to part with him. Or maybe Melvin Ingram III could be gotten at a cost less than Miller.

I will be genuinely surprised if Arizona makes him available in trade. With their record last year and the expectations this year they need to win every game possible in my opinion to sway their fanbase favorably. If they were still winless I could see it happening but the fact that they’ve now won two games along with the tie they’re ahead of schedule in my opinion . So I don’t think they’re going to be sellers unless they get offers that they simply can’t refuse. But obviously there’s still a couple of weeks that stranger things could happen.

If we keep rushing 3 in the second half with a lead, we could have Strahan, Deacon Jones and John Randle and won’t matter for shit


Not happening , I wanted him badly in that draft , he has performed better than any true DE drafted that year …I took a lot of heat for my man crush on Sam Hubbard . The Bengals would be stupid to trade him . Have no incentive to do so

Maddening, it’s atrocious, I get it early on but with a lead we should have been knocking Rodgers dick in the dirt every chance we could.

There’s this LBer in NE called KVN who has 4 sacks so far this year. Maybe we could trade for that guy?


Chargers always seem to start slow and push late for playoffs. I’d be surprised if they’d sell