Rams tough schedule… better bean?

Since there is a thread regarding the pending Lions schedule… I was also interested to know if anyone has any hot takes on the Rams schedule for 2022… since it could impact our magic bean.

The Rams obviously play the 49ers, Cards, and Seagulls twice…. along with NFC South, Dallas, Green Bay, the AFC West (ouch), and will host the Bills on opening day.

That means they play Allen, Mahomes, Herbert, Wilson, Carr, Brady, Rodgers, Dak, Murray x2, and the 49ers x2…… for 12 of their 17 games.
They also have the Saints… who might be pretty decent still.

So… with the toughest schedule in the NFL… how much does it impact Rams???


They’ll still hang tough… might struggle to start but they have the talent to still get 10-14 wins I think. We’ll see though. Every year is a new year and everything we think we know is often wrong…

Or at least that’s how I feel anyway… just like that weird Al song…

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The Seahawks are rebuilding for sure so those 2 games just got much easier with no Russel Wilson or Bobby Wagner anymore.

Rams are going to win 10+ games for sure as long as Stafford is healthy. Losing Von Miller and their LT Whitworth may hurt some.

Last year I focused on the magic bean too much, and we ended up with the #32 pick which we trade up to 12 to get Jameson with and only cost us a 3rd rounder to do it. So all that attention on the Rams magic bean, was pretty much for nothing in the end.


Rams schedule is brutal. I was talking about it earlier this year. I think 12 of their games are against playoff teams. Wow!
They’ll win their division, so our beans won’t be that good.
If they stay healthy, they have a great shot to get back to the SB.

Rams are pretty nasty if their OL is as good as last year. I think the RB situation will be a little better. WR will be better. Synergy between Matt and OC will be much better. Matt’s trust with teammates will be better.
Not sure what to make of the D. Depends on health of some of their aging vets.

I will need to see the full schedule and how it breaks down before commenting. The league and manufacture wins and losses just by WHEN they schedule a particular team.

This is what some of us try to express to fans who root against the Lions for an earlier bean.

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And we still got Hutch despite winning on the last day of the season and losing the 1st pick. It all worked out in the end.


Sticking with my original prediction


Pure gold once again!!

Listen, I like Stafford, but we need them to lose this year. Stafford got his ring. We gotta be killers. No emotions anymore. Barbarian at the gate son!

I’d rather see improvement from our 3-13-1 team than worry about what the Rams do or don’t do.


Rams just need to make the playoffs, then they have enough, depending on health to win it all.

It’s extremely hard to repeat. Having Kupp and AD healthy was key….not to mention Stafford being healthy as well. But at this point I’m a stafford fan and I’ll root for him. Like has been said, the Rams are going to win the division so it’s going to be a late pick….I’m fine even if it is 32 again.


I love beans, whoo, whoo, whoo.
I love beans, how about you?

Doesn’t matter, I’m sure Holmes will get maximum value out of whatever pick it ends up being.


If Goff plays well then we have a ton of flexibility. If not then we likely have to put serious resources into QB.


Exactly why I’m not worried about where the rams finish anymore. We have a gm that negotiates draft trades like he’s obi-wan. No matter where the rams finish brad will figure out how to use it best.


We may not. If everyone declares that is expected to next years qbs class is deep. There could be 7 legit prospects.

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It’s certainly deep but I would suspect we’d have a favorite or two.

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Hypothetically speaking, what if next years QB’s are as bad as this years?

As long as the rams pick is before pick 33 i am ok with it…

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