Rams were only team to put in a waiver claim for Baker Mayfield -

Interesting, there goes my 49ers cock block theory!!! haha


The Rams won’t risk playing Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford is on injured reserve because of a spinal cord contusion and coach Sean McVay has all but declared that the Rams quarterback will be shut down for the season.

So, what’s next for the 34-year-old Stafford?

The 14th-year pro “wants to compete” but “it’s more about having a healthy offseason,” McVay said Monday during a videoconference with reporters.

Retirement, and taking care of his family!

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I hope everybody understands what he’s fully saying there.

When the injuries keep stacking up and the seasons last into the post-season, Spring and Summer are fully consumed with recovery, right up until and into training camp… which leads to struggles and more injury.

So, if there is surgery or treatment of some sort, they’re prioritizing it now so that the recovery can begin sooner and some amount of rest & relaxation can be enjoyed before the next season begins closer to 100% health.

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One of those might be a win by Purdy but also that McCaffrey pretty much completely dislikes him from their small amount of time in Carolina.


Did this guy get his information by calling around to his “sources?” Or is there an actual report put out by the NFL that is official to certain people? Because if you are just calling around to different teams, OF COURSE they are going to say they didn’t put in a claim.

what I want is for the last game of the season to be the rams need to beat the seahawks for the lions to get in the playoffs and stafford demands to play to help his old team, and they win.

They were the only team desperate

I think that information is readily available to the media without having to go through “sources.”

When Comminsky was claimed by the Lions, we knew the names of all 8 teams that put in a claim.

More recently, when Tillery was claimed by the Raiders, we knew that the Lions made a claim too.

I’ve seen national reporters say that “3 teams put in a waiver request” or “5 teams put in a waiver request”. My guess is there is a report that is generated by the NFL management council, but I don’t know if that’s distributed to all 32 teams or if it’s an internal report. If it’s an internal report, I’d think that the NFL management council would be looking for the leak, so my guess is the report is distributed to the other 32 teams.

Of course, teams may call the Rams and ask if they are putting in a claim on Mayfield. i.e. I’m sure If Holmes was truly considering claiming Mayfield, I’m sure Holmes wouldn’t have a problem asking Snead if he’s putting in a claim for Mayfield. But if Shanahan or Pete Carrol calls Snead or McVay to ask, they may not get a straight answer. But maybe they would, it’s not like it’s highly sensitive information.

So to sum things up . . . I’m not sure.

I think that “lets the cat out of the bag”….

Rams had the #3 waiver priority.



So I have to wonder if Rams told Baker they were claiming him…
and Texans are tanking… plus Bears wouldn’t be involved…

so basically gave Baker a green light to race to LA.

Heck… Baker’s agent could have even told Texans and Bears he would report… I know I would have done the same !!!


One question answered by an unnamed front office source.

Will 2018 No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield ever be an effective starting quarterback again in the NFL?

NFC PERSONNEL DIRECTOR: “I’m not sold. He’s an average starter at best, especially if he has to a carry a consistently undermanned team. If you get some really good pieces around him, you have a chance to win because he’s smart, competitive and has a good enough arm. Playing with a bad team, as he did in Carolina, only amplifies his shortcomings and makes his confidence work against him. You’re really only concerned about him if he’s got dudes around him and reliable protection. He can light you up in that scenario just by being a distributor and making the occasional play when he has the opportunity. Give him a weaker supporting cast and he can’t do that. He’s too limited, and the problem is he thinks he’s John Elway. I think his truest comp is somebody like Ryan Fitzpatrick. He probably has a better arm than Fitz, but everything else is similar, with the exception that Fitz is universally loved by his teammates. Even when you look at guys who’ve turned their careers around in recent years – like Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee or Geno Smith in Seattle – Baker doesn’t have their skills. Geno has always been really gifted as a pure thrower and athlete, so physical ability was never his issue. Same with Tannehill. Baker has never had that level of natural talent. I know he looked good in that comeback win (two days after being acquired by the Rams on waivers, Mayfield helped Los Angeles beat the Raiders on Thursday), but (Rams head coach) Sean McVay and Kevin Stefanski (Mayfield’s head coach when he was with the Browns) are both West Coast offense disciples. I’m guessing Baker was a little more comfortable with that offense in that situation because of that. West Coast lingo rarely changes.”