Ramsey trade partners

So NFL.com says we are 1 of 4 teams for potential trade partners for Ramsey. The other ones are
Kansas city, Philadelphia and Oakland. What do you think the validity of it? Would we be investing too much at corner back? It would be nice to have 2 Great CBs.

If they felt comfortable leaving both of them out on an island it would allow for some pretty interesting blitz packages.


I dont think you can invest too much in CB. Especially for an elite talent to tandem with a very good corner

My concern with Jalen is, apparently he has made it known he has interests outside of football and would prefer a bigger city. Would he be interested in turning a good defense to elite, even if we dont have the allure of Vegas or LA?

That would be about 30 mil in 2 players correct? Thats a whole lot of money, however it is a passing league and what if slay wants to test the market in another year.

The only thing that I remember reading is that Ramsey said his favorite teams to go to would be either his hometown Tennessee Titans or Vegas. Ramsey was born right here in Middle Tennessee in Smyrna Tennessee which is only about 30 miles out of Nashville one of the many bedrooms suburb communities surrounding Nashville.https://www.jacksonville.com/sports/20190807/jalen-ramsey-reveals-titans-or-raiders-are-his-preferred-teams-if-he-were-to-leave-jaguars however having said that I find it difficult to Fathom that the Jaguars would be willing to trade him to another division opponent and then play against him twice a year.

I think the discussions on the subject are funny. When it comes to receiver people freak out because we “only” have 3 of them. “OMG, what happens if our #1 and #2 goes down!!! We need a #4 that is good enough to come in and be our #1!!!”

Then you flip to corner, and its like “well we already have 1 guy. 2 guys would be complete overkill!”

Don’t worry, I’m sure we won’t have to play any teams that have more than 1 good receiver. No team would do that, so we shouldn’t have anyone else.


Yea i dont think Detroit would be alluring to him, compared to other cities. I heard Tennessee was somewhere he was interested go to also.

I would love to see these two at CB for us. i also think we would still be ok then if we lost slay when he becomes a FA.

It could come at a very steep price to make it happen though. I was reading a Twitter posting supposedly a beat writer in Baltimore that supposedly, UN-confirmed by the bigger sources mind you, that Baltimore had already offered a a first-rounder plus a second-rounder and backup tight end.

Wow thats a huge price even before you get to sign him.

I imagine part of the trade would be an extension in place…

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I know both Smyrna and Nashville. I used to work for Asurion, and their HQ is Nashville and Smyrna is where the TLC center is. Nice places

Well, if Ramsey somehow went back into the draft would you pick him in the top 5?

KC makes the most sense. They are a contender, and need a top CB.

I’m hoping, however that Jacksonville would much prefer to trade him to an NFC team if they trade him at all.

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As long as its not an NFC north team.

I’ve seen a lot of Articles connecting Philadelphia to attempting to trade for him which would make a lot of sense for them.

I’m cool with that, we won’t have to face him then… I’m counting on him getting traded to KC on Monday in time for him to play us.

He’s from Tennessee so that rumor is going to be out there whether there is truth to it or not. Its a trade vs a division rival so unless he hits free agency, it ain’t happening.

It may sound crazy, but if I’m the Dallas Cowboys I’m spending whatever it takes to get him. Their window is RIGHT NOW, they don’t have time to overthink things for the future.

I agree. They will struggle pay everyone in the future. This is the 2nd positive post I’ve made on the Cowboys this month, which is two more than I’ve ever made