Random thought on our corners

Given that Moseley and Sutton both played on teams with top 3-5 pass rushes does that inflate their performance?

In some ways, you want to sign corners that have succeeded despite a really poor pash rush. Similar to signing a coach from the patriots where they really had little to do with their own success. Were they really good or just benefitting from a stellar defense overall. Are we overpaying here?


Both of these guys are relatively cheap…and short term deals.


We probably have a top 10 pass rush ourselves moving forward. So I think they are a fit either way.

And there are probably very few corners who are still really good without a pass rush. Can probably count them on one hand.

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I think they both got “market rate”. Low risk yes. It just seems like you want to target undervalued assets and I think their pass rush likely contributed pretty significantly to their performance.


Let’s juice up the pass rush some more!


Pittsburgh had a pretty shit pass rush while TJ Watt was out, didn’t they?

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This is way more work than I am willing to do, but it would be interesting to track historical free agent CB signings then run a regression based on their previous team’s pass rush performance.

I bet you’d find that those with coming from good pass rush likely underperformed on their new team. An example of this would be J.C. Jackson going from Patriots (top 5 pass rush team) to Chargers (mediocre pass rush) and struggling.

Are Lions fans just predisposed to look look for gray cloud in the silver lining?

Just be happy with what most experts are saying are very good signings.


In the modern game back 7s are like the OL in that you’re only as good as your weak link.

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The lions have (as of right now) Hutchinson, a healthy paschal, Houston, okwara, Harris and cominsky to rush the passer. We should be just fine getting after the quarterback this year.

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Build those trenches!
Then, build them some more!
All of the sudden, CB isn’t a primary concern. We have 4 capable starters, outside, and a really good NB.
We just jumped into the top 15.

We should probably still do both… draft a talented DB and we need talent up front… both at edge and DT. I like the signings. But also… Moseley is coming off an injury. And Sutton is really great as an off man and zone corner… he struggles in press because he’s an average athlete and not real twitchy. What do we like to run? Press man. So he may struggle a bit more than he did in Pittsburgh.

Or do those CB’s lock their receivers up making their teams pass rush #'s inflated?

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It does make you wonder how they will play to his strengths and minimize his weaknesses. I do think you have identified them quite nicely.

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