Rank your Draft Scenarios

While the draft order could go a lot of different ways when 4 months to go, there seem to be a core number of possible outcomes. rank them in your order of preference

A-No trade, Chase available at 3 due to Skins trade down, assume QB taken 1 and 2.

B-No trade, Chase not available, Defensive Player taken

C-No trade, Chase not available, Offensive player available.

D-Trade down w Dolphins for 5,18 and 39

E-Trade down w Dolphins for 5, Houston #1 (25-32), 39 and 56 from NO.

F-Trade down with Jacksonville for 9, 20 and 42 plus a 2021 2nd.

G-Other trade down w team w/o a 2nd 2020 1st to give (SD, etc)

A) first …No doubt
D) and I would be very happy :grinning:

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Any draft that nets us Chase Young DE and Kenneth Murray OLB.

D and E and even F are robbery, so those are 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I think those scenarios exist only in the mind of a Lions fan.

Not even putting G on my list.

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If you look at the last 4 trade ups to the 3 slots for a QB (Darnold, Trubisky, Wentz and RG3, none of those scenarios exceed those deals).

Darnold- went to 3 for 6, 37,49 and a next year 2nd

Wentz- went to 2 for 8, a 3rd, a 4th and a following year 1st and 2nd

RG3- move from 6 to 2 for 6, second and 2 future firsts

Trubisky- went from 3 to 2 for 3, third, a fourth and a next year 4th


C what I did here?

If you average those out into immediate value…
Darnold = A 1st, 2 2nds and a 3rd.
Wentz = A 1st, a 2nd, 2 3rds and a 4th.

DEF are:
2 1sts and a 2nd
2 1sts, 2 2nds
2 1sts, a 2nd and a 3rd

can’t hurt to ask, as you have to match up w/ what they have to offer. You can jigger the offers a bit, but the scenarios present as separate either way, so it is still a rankable exercise.

A and C. The other options are a no go for me.

Pick either has to be a QB, Young or Andrew Thomas. Any other scenario ESPECIALLY a trade down or taking a cb at 3 is SOL.

How can you not like 5, 18 and 39?


“D” would be the best scenario, but, I could live with “A”.

Because I am not a draft nerd. I want the best player possible, at a premium position. I don’t need more middling picks for Quinn to blow.

Everything will be put to rest at the combine when Thomas separates himself. He is going to kill it especially the drills.

We’d still be in the top five. And in what universe is pick 18 middling?

Thomas won’t be the 1st tackle drafted

Ok. I think he is. He looks like Tunsil 2.0 to me.

Because Quinn would probably use #5 on a corner.

I would actually be fine with the trade down if #5 or #18 was used on a QB. That would be the only way.

Exactly. If we trade with Miami we get pick number 5 and their third rounder…period. D, E, and F are way beyond fair value, and I’d jump all over any of them.

Okudah at 5 along with 18, 35 and 39 would be terrific

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That’s way under value. 5 and 39 for 3 is almost an exact match value wise. Though QB trades regularly exceed the value chart