Ravens OLB Jaylen Ferguson - Dead at 26

No cause of death released

No sign of trauma
That doesn’t just happen to an NFL athlete?


RIP Sack Daddy…

26…wow. Way too young. RIP.

It can. Undiagnosed congenital heart issue. Presuming it wasn’t substance related in any way.

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The are only four ways to die:

  • natural
  • accidentally
  • suicide
  • murder

If it were accidental, I think we’d know the how….

Murder would be most likely no comment and it’s under investigation

So that leaves two imho…

I don’t think we’d know quite yet if it was an accidental overdose

I can agree with that to a degree, but they should have found the bottle or extra medicine unless he in jested at another location

Totally. I’m not saying they don’t know (if that was what happened). I’m just saying that if they can control the flow of news to the media the authorities may want to give the loved ones some time before releasing that info.

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That’s is supposed to be and should be priority brother!!



Lol - I think that fall under accidental! :crazy_face:

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I have always looked at suicide as murdering yourself. And if you survive you should be charged with attempted murder.

Another way to see it, is suicide is normally a solo act; murder normally takes an outside actor…. The other three, can be solved at the scene of the death: whereas murder needs an external price you can’t find on scene…. Basic investigation 101 for a death….

Kind of cool imo

lol. No.

My step-mom’s nephew was 27, was a firefighter and very fit. Was wrestling with his brothers downstairs on Thanksgiving and collapsed and died right there on the spot, had something wrong with his heart that was never caught or diagnosed.

A guy I interned with out of college, his g/f was 28 years old. She had an Aneurysm at her apartment and was dead before she even hit the floor.


Yep, you never know and we aren’t promised anything. It’s scary how those things can happen in seemingly healthy people.

Sad news, RIP and love to him and his family and friends

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Also I’m sorry to hear about the people you knew who died so unexpectedly. Love and peace to them as well!

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So many reminders to say, moment to moment, person to person, I love you and mean it!

Love you guys!! :pray::heart::upside_down_face:


I would set up some very interesting cross examination