RB Draft Class of 2020

Have to admit I havent watch near the amount if college football as I usually do just seems as there is always something going on.On to my question is this a good class for RBs I dont think I have heard of one other than Taylor from Wis.They will have a pick somewhere in the high teens if I had to guess.I would think RB and DE have to be the top needs going into next year I myself would have no problem with them taking RB at that point as nothing has worked to get this run game going.Anybody have any insight on the top RBs coming out this year?

Yes. Depending on who comes out it’s a very good class. Very deep class at least. I don’t think there is an elite EE, Barkley type of player but there are tons of good options. The following are all probably top two round guys:

J. Taylor
D. Swift
J.K. Dobbins
C. Hubbard
T. Ettienne

One guy that I think might be on BQ’s radar is Trey Ragas from LA-Lafayette. Pretty quick and agile guy for a power runner. Performed very well against Alabama and we know how much BQ values small school guys showing up against top competition.

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Whichever one is undersized, injury prone, slow and has fumble issues. Taken 2-3 rounds too early. That’s the most likely one to be a Lion. Quinn can’t evaluate RBs.

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Not sure that we have proof of that. KJ and TJ, and D. Washington is it during his tenure, right?

Late 6th and 7th rounders are a crapshoot IMO so I’m not going to be too hard on him for that. I definitely wanted D. Thompson over Ty Johnson but I knew that Sophomore Ty Johnson could be a steal.

So really the critique would be his taking KJ over Guice, Royce Freeman. I think he made the right choice.

I think BQ’s evaluation skills are just fine. He did however criminally underrate the importance of quality depth at the position though.

Kerryon- 2nd round pick and they used a 4th to trade up for him. Right off the hop you are drafting a guy with a limited ceiling. Has no breakaway speed, not overly physical, and always has various ailments. He couldn’t move up earlier to take Nick Chubb?

2017 draft- many posters on here were touting RBs. Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon sitting within reach and Quinn does not make a move. He will make a move for KJ, but will not move up for a clear elite talent like Cook. This is not smart work from Bob Quinn. There were also posters here banging the drum for Kamara and Hunt. I will not take credit for either of those because I was all in on Cook, but Quinn comes away empty handed, at a major position of need.

Free Agency- Signs Blount. A fat, out of shape, joke. He had no business playing in the NFL; and there were posters who said it before they made the signing. A terrible signing again.

Signs CJ Anderson- literally the exact same signing as Blount. Can this guy not learn from his mistakes?

It’s very easy to address RB in FA and the draft using modest resources and Quinn fails every single year. The guy literally has done nothing but bring in garbage, and hold onto garbage for too long at the RB position. It’s pathetic.

Quinn would rather use resources on a TE who averages one catch per game.


Right now I’ve got Ettiene as the #1 RB in college football

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Video game acceleration

We get it iggy you’re edgy. We know that you’ll like which ever one has off the field issues and a limited ceiling. If Reuben Foster was a RB he’d be your first pick.

well Gerwinke, Chubb has played : 7 Games , 134 ATT , 5.5 per carry Avg , 19.1 ypa, 738 yards RUSHING , 6 TD’s, 2019.

Rec: 7 Games, 21 rec , 6.4 ATT, 7 INT’s , 0 TD’s . RECEIVING ….135 yards, this season “so far”

yeah I’m with Iggy here, I’d like Nick Chubb paired up with KJ…as our #1 & #2 RB’s.

Rush & Rec yards together in 2019 ? : 873 yards (at this point in the season.

we won’t be getting him BUT I wouldn’t get on Iggy’s case ,when we can certainly use a talent like Chubb ATM.

NFL.com BTW.

But if we wanted Chubb then we’d have no Ragnow. Or we’d have to have figured out how to get up to the late first round which probably means we’d have Chubb but no KJ, Walker or Hand perhaps.

All the reporting indicated that Penny was actually our RB target in that draft.

Chubb is much more impactful than any player you listed. It’s almost like Quinn is allergic to drafting top talent. Always settling for “safe” players, at positions like Center and TE.

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Maybe. I happen to think Ragnow May over the length of his career be of greater value than Chubb. I think the same may ultimately be true of Hand. We can find quality RB play. BQ just needs to use the resources. I’m confident he’ll do that in this draft.

The Browns are 2-5 even with all of Chubb’s production so let’s not act like he’s some panacea.

I’m sure if we too Chubb the reaction would have been “OMG another slow back with an injury history!” LOL

Coming out I compared Chubb to Frank Gore, all the way down to the torn up knee.

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Chubb has rushed for 738 yards and has 6TD’s ……off 134 Attempts , and ran for 5.5 YPC.

dang I sure would hate that. :frowning_face: that said, he’ll never be here so…there that is.

I think another intriguing Prospect might be AJ Dillon with Boston College. 6 foot tall and 250 lb with supposedly about a 4.57 40 yard time and great production was Boston College. He originally committed to the University of Michigan but changed his mind

Dillon needs to go to the Steelers. He’s the perfect Steeler back.

Have you watched Chubba Hubbard play, Wes? Really interesting style. Former speed skater from Alberta. Gets super low going through the whole. Looks like a skater at times.

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I’d love Deandre Swift. Might be the most pro ready.

Good player. There are going to be a lot of RBs that can help us a ton