RB Future

As we all impatiently await tomorrow, I’m thinking about next year.

Specifically, our running game. Some posts on here touch on what we could/should do.

It seems many are giving up on Swift. I’m not ready to do that. I would like to bring back both him and JWill. Also bring in another RB via draft, with our vikes 2rd pick or later. Push these guys, and have young depth.

I have seen use a first rounder on Bijon, or maybe a 1st or 2nd on another like the Bama rb. I just think we have more priorities on D than spend a high pick on a RB. And how often are 1st or 2nd rounders successful? Pretty low percentage.

Is the Swift issue because his health, not worth the $$$, attitude, drive, something else? Man, when he is out there, and healthy, our O looks so good. And JWill is so good in short yardage, a major issue for the Lions as far back as I remember!

How do u think the Lions will handle our RBs. And/Or what do you want to see them do?


Lions will draft one or sign one in FA.

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Totally trust Holmes
I think we bring a guy in (hopefully high), mostly because of swifts health.

Swift and Jamal will be Bach next year.
Swift is arguably our most dangerous weapon because of versatility.

I think we need to consider putting Jamal on a pitch count because he has so many hard miles on him.

That coupled with swifts health make me want a new stud RB


So “Stud RB” to me means having to draft with one of our 1st rounders. Not counting FA. So u would rather use one of those picks on a RB, rather than a CB, LB, or DT?

Not saying thats crazy or anything, but we would then pass on a starter on lackluster D for a possible 1 or 2 year backup (if bringing back swift and jwill).

Only worth it if swift gets injured, or that pick turns into a Pro Bowler. I guess i can see it, but our D needs elite help more than our running game.

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The other argument I have for drafting a RB this year is you get a year with at least both Swift and the new guy. Doesn’t have to be all on the new guy in his first year.

I don’t like giving RBs a second contract unless they are SPECIAL and can stay on the field. I’m talking the guys. Not above average guys. But truly special talent. RBs get way too injured and RARELY make it through their second contract looking anywhere close to the RB they were when they signed it. (I’m talking guys who carry the load. Not the change or pace backs or guys with niche/limited roles)

Draft a RB, keep Swift for another year, and then let him walk.


Many thoughts on this topic. But as Natty says, in Holmes I trust.
Think what a dynamic RB can do for our D.
If our drives can be more time consuming with consistent runs a 5-7 yards a crack on 70% of said runner gets, our drives become more time consuming and less time for the D to be on the field.
We also have 3 other draft picks in the the 1st 2 rounds, plus we have the choice of grabbing a FA for D, someone that can hit the field running verses a 1st year rook.


Our running game has been inconsistent this year. If you want to win Games in January, especially if your a dome team, you need a consistent running game. Goff player his best ball with Gurley and with as good a run blocking OLine as we have it would be a waste if we didn’t invest in a RB.

I have been and am one of Swifts biggest fans. I said before the year I thought he would make the pro bowl. His ability at RB is special. Still availability is very very important and I can’t shake the feeling that he just seems disinterested at times. With his deal up in 2023, I would not spend the money it will take to resign him.

I’m past the point where I’m concerned what this FO will do. If they trust this RB room and don’t make major additions then so be it. I personally think a star RB, could help the defense significantly as well by extending drives and keeping them off the field.


I am not in favor of drafting one before the 6th. I believe that they need to use Justin Jackson more than they have actually. He has great vision and is quick to the line. The way they’re using him right now they may as well not use him at all. Let Swift finish out his contract, sign Williams if it’s reasonable. Draft a right OG in the first 2 rounds and we could really take off.


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Nah. Need more juice. If Swift weren’t do unreliable I’d feel otherwise.

The good news is I think we can get more juice pretty deep in the draft in this deep RB class.


We have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds. I think it’s funny that people are like… we can’t afford to draft a QB! Or we can’t afford to draft a RB! What about the defense!? We have 4 top picks… and maybe another contributor in the 3rd. Potentially 4-5 starters. Bpa all the way.


We could even draft a QB, and still end up with a top defender in both the front and back 7. And maybe a RB too.


I believe with100% certainty that the Lions will not be relying solely on Swift for the skillet he possesses next year. We do not have a Swift-caliber performer with any of the other RBs in our stable. This can mean only one thing; the Lions will draft a RB in the first 3 rounds.


I think you are right on this, although i am curious to see what happens in FA this off season and how it impacts the draft.

This offseason is the one where we head into a season, per DC, where they expected to compete for division title and playoffs. How does that impact FA? First two off seasons really bargain shopped, prove it type deals for most part, does that continue or is there one or two key signings Holmes goes after.

A few interesting FA RB’s will be available.

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Only 12 RBs have been picked in 1st round of previous 10 drafts.

Don’t need to spend a 1st round pick to get a really good RB.


I guess i’m funny then. I can see a rb/qb with vikes pick. I just want all D with the first three picks, esprcially after watching that panther game, and other games consistently carved up on the pass(fins, bills). Our YPG is last, or close to.


That’s true but some guys are absolutely worth a 1st. We wouldn’t be debating RB if Quinn made the easy call and drafted Jonathan Taylor. Every couple years people talk about RBs dropping to the 2nd… but forget about the individual talent. Talking heads said Gurley could fall until late the late first… but of course he went top 10. Bijan is a top talent. He’s going to be worth a high pick and it’s a pretty safe bet.


Up to Holmes & where he can get most “bang for buck”
You know I want DT worse than anything…but if the right guy isn’t available, then I would rather not reach.

Do you think Ra is a stud?
Do you think Kerby is a stud?
How about Rodrigo or Houston?

Because your definition of stud means first round does not mean mine matches that.

I’m okay with whatever Brad does, but I would love ot see something like Gibbs in the second round.

… this is my original statement. Swift WILL get injured…he manages to every year.


One of the things I have noticed about this staff is they really focus in on the specific skill sets of players and use them in that way. So while a player like robinson that is a really good all around RB would be nice I don’t know that it is a requirement for this staff or worth the pick. If Gibbs drops into our second round pick area I could see them jumping on him because he has game breaking speed. I could see them drawing up plays specifically to use that speed as a decoy, for key plays or to set up other players and plays. This is how they work and it is really refreshing to see the level of detail. Getting a game changing speed back in the second still allows us to address key defensive positions 3 times in the top two rounds. Johnson or DC could do some special things with game changing speed on the outside (Jamo +) and game changing speed on the inside (Gibbs). I would love to see them do something like this as long as Gibbs is a dog. Jwill is a dog - I am not sure if Swift is or is not. I lean towards not.

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Williams is having his best season as a pro, in both yards and TD’s. He will likely top 1,000 yards tomorrow for a $250k bonus but he hasn’t done that great against Green Bay since coming over. He turns 28 prior to the 2023 season and there is a high likelihood his level of play drops off in 2023.

As of right now, I’m leaning towards the $250k being a going away present. I would offer him another short deal for about what he’s making now knowing another team is likely to offer him more/longer.

With all that being said, I would be willing to change my mind IF he goes off against Green Bay propelling Detroit to a huge win (even if we don’t make the playoffs). Beating his former team. 5-1 record in the division. 1,000 yards. Tie/Beat Barry’s rushing TD record. If he does that, I would reward him.