RB room

Im I the only one who isnt as bullish as some with the backs on this roster?We know Swift can be dynamic but lets be honest he has a injury history that cant be ignored.With Willams I just dont see it he may be the most overated player on the team he is a hard runner but lacks the explosion and doesn’t have very good vision.I honestly thought Reynolds should have got more carries the last 3 weeks over Jamal he looked like a more natural runner.The rookie showed some flashes but didnt see the feild for some reason the last few weeks and Godwin fumbles way too much he needs to be cut.This team is going to be run heavy with Campbell at coach I dont think they need to draft a guy really high but they need to bring in some speed at RB either in the draft or in free agency like a Tevon Coleman,Matt Berida or Raheem Mosert to name a couple.


There aren’t many places on this team where extra talent would be wasted, including RB.

That being said, I don’t think it should be a top priority. I doubt we’ll see FA money spent there. If they happen to find great value in the draft, so be it. RB is the type of position that makes sense to stay ahead of the game on, because dudes get hurt and fall off a cliff.

I wouldn’t be shocked if no one is added other than camp bodies, but it won’t blow my mind if they add a legit dude, either.


This is how I feel too. When it comes to picking up new guys, I am all about grabbing a guy that will make the most impact on the team, instead of filling the bus hole… For example… If we landed the second coming of Tom Brady, we would be filling a position that is technically not as big a hole as wr, but could have A bigger impact in terms of net gain, depending on how big an improvement it is.

I think the lions need to add a bruiser to complete the rb group. Similar to what the packers did with aj dillon.

I think the RBs are the product of a good run blocking o-line. And anyone we put back there is going to look pretty decent. I think Swift is obviously a little more talented that the other guys. I mean if you put Barry Sanders behind this o-line it would be pretty amazing IMO. I’d be all for trying to clone him.


I’d like a true RB1. Swift has shown himself to be a decent-but-unreliable compliment to the room. Williams is also a bit player. I don’t know how many of us there are. I think as the season began, especially with the A-Lynn calling Swift an A and B RB, there were high hopes. I personally have never had a ton of confidence in Swift, so there could be a tinge of prejudice there. Still, I think the production (lack of) is a pretty good sign that he cannot and should not be your top back heading into next season. MCDC has visions of Kamara, and that’s cool, but I’d like a Cook type RB at the top of the rotation.


I am perfectly fine with our RB and OL rooms, and I’d prefer Holmbell to concentrate our draft and salary cap capital any place else.

Purely as a runner, Jermar Jefferson should be in the rotation, but apparently he’s dismal in pass protection and special teams. If he pumps up in those areas, he’ll be active and an asset on Sundays.

I like Netflix quite a bit. Watching Penny and J-will though. Geez.

I think Netflix could be better than Williams

I like our “ improve the run game by improving the line“ strategy

If a Haskins or Charbonnet, or similar style rb, is available in a later round wouldn’t be a horrible thing. sixth round at the earlierst

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After he had that beauty TD run vs the Steelers he rolled his ankle on that play. We barely saw him again after that. I’m still intrigued by him though.

As far as another RB, it’s not a need, but if we are sitting in the 4th round and there is a stud RB that is still on the board, I’d consider it. You can never have too many good RB’s, they get injured so often.

The depth of the room is above average and these guys are making the most of their talent as a tribute to blocking and coaching.

Godwin may not make it next year, though his emergency versatility and ST may keep him on the 53.

Netflix chilled the last couple games…

I thinknthe " bruiser" could be Cabinda…

I’d gladly take Haskins in Rd 4 to eventually replace Jamal Williams, but the Lions presently don’t have a 4th Rd pick and I wouldn’t take him any earlier given the needs of the team.

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I’ve mentioned this a few times here. The strength of this offense seems to be shaping up to be run blocking. Swift is great but hurt often and a terrible blocker. Williams is much more lead-footed than I remember. JJ and Reynolds are still more or less unknown

In many of my mock sims, I end up taking Walker if he’s there in the top of the third. It’s doubtful he drops that far though

Here is my Rd7 or UDFA pick.

Abram Smith Big with wiggle.

It would absolutely not shock me if we used one of our late round picks on a RB to replace Igwebuike. They will probably want to have 5 running backs on the roster, and we have 4 of them in Swift, Williams, Jefferson, and Reynolds.

One big question for me is, “How much can Reynolds develop?”

If he can develop into a reliable threat between the tackles, then we wouldn’t really need to emphasize replacing Igwebuike.

They really need a 3rd guy to take carries during a game. Especially if they want to be this run heavy team.

Whether that is Reynolds remains to be seen, but if we get a Hassan Haskins with our 5th comp then I would be ok with it.

Really? What the heck did we do with it? I know we traded a 5th for Trinity. We don’t have a 4th or a 5th then?

It was part of the Derrick Barnes trade up last year.

We have our 1, Rams 1, 2nd, 3rd, comp 3rd, comp 5th, 6th, comp 6th, and either the Browns or Patriots 7th. That’s TBD because we traded one in the Benson trade.

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Oh nice forgot about all the comp picks. We are good, lots of magic beans to play with.

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This is how I feel too. Igwebweke (Sp?) can add depth at a few positions too…possibly slot/tricky.