RB Tony Pollard out 3 months with broken leg

Maybe he should have sat out his teams bowl game?

All kidding aside, I feel for the guy. He spent so much time playing second fiddle to Zeke while making league minimum, and he was finally going to cash in big. Then this happens at the worst possible time.


I know some people here wanted him, and it was a playsible idea.


Sucks for that guy. He will bounce back but RB are the extra large bag of spring mix lettuce, NFL wise. He possibly just lost a decent chunk of his career earnings.


Tony pollard on a infamous Brad Holmes one year prove it?


Maybe we just got a discount


He can hang out with Swift

That’s what I was thinking too…not next year…not on a one year, anyway.
Possibly if you view him as a week 9 ease in smoothly type situation…then have him for our SB in 2024

Its a broken leg, not a torn ACL. Its a quick and very linear injury to recover from as long as he didn’t get into a bunch of nerve damage. Jeff Garcia broke his leg in the 4th preseason game and was starting game #6 that year. Pollard will be fully healed and ready to go by the time the draft comes around. However, he will be a bit hobbled while in negotiations on his free agent contract. And teams will use anything they can to kknock his value down.


Yea, hate the Cowboys be feel for him. He got me a shit ton of fantasy points the last 2 years and was about to get a huge payday in free agency. He’s been way better than Zeke the last 2 years.