RBs who could interest the Lions

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I think Josh Kelly might be a guy that they like on day 3.

Zack Moss -had over 4,000 career rushing yards , 3 consecutive season of 1,000 yards 39 career rushing TD’s @ Utah.

MIchael Warren II 2599 yards in 2 seasons, 37 TD’s…34 were rushing. Cincinnatti.

AJ Dillon 4,382 rushing yards in three seasons 5.2 YPC 40 TD’s

Eno Benjamin ….1000 yard rusher (1,642)……after a QB switch 2019 …1,083 yards… 625 yards receiving. Arizona State.

That’s outside Dobbins, Taylor , Swift, and CEH.

Here is a sleeper an who would be are Riddick
Antonio Gibson
Height 6-0.5
Weight 228
40-Yard Dash 4.39

Check him out really good numbers as WR an RB

All-AAC honors as a returner and Second Team All-AAC honors as a wide receiver in 2019. Averaged over 28 yards per kick return with one touchdown, caught 38 passes for 735 yards and eight touchdowns and rushed 33 times for 369 yards and four TDs.

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6’ 2”
Weigh ranging 221-229. Played more WR than RB. Only had 33 rushing attempts in his collegiate career. And he is a senior.

Not sure BQ would look at him as a RB. But I can understand why you like him coyote.

One of the fan sites recently listed the 3 guys that met the basic metrics of explosion scores and speed scores in this years class that the Lions may target. They based the minimum allowable levels on the guys that are currently on the roster. Jonathan Taylor, AJ Dillon, Darrynton Evans made the cut. Guys that didn’t have measurables, like JK Dobbins couldn’t be evaluated. I think AJ Dillon is the guy I like the most, hopefully in rd 3.

I want J.K Dobbins in the worst way…I wish he had been healthy enough to run and do the drills at the combine …No pro day is going to hurt .

Dobbins measurable’s entering Ohio State were phenomenal… 4.45 Forty , his 43 inch vertical & 4.09 20 yard shuttle were ridiculous … the 23 reps at the Combine were great …

With Dobbins at the 50 yard line at full speed and Isaiah Simmons at full speed 3 yards behind Dobbins he never gained on him . That speed is still there .

Love this kid

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It would just be nice to sniff a top ten running game once this century. I think it would make a world of difference.


I worry that a lot of Dobbins production is due to the offense he was in. I’m confident he will be a dangerous weapon in the pros, but not sure if he will be as productive as someone like Taylor. Dobbins has great burst and really good speed, but at OSU he was running in space a lot and not really putting his head down and running between the tackles through a lot of traffic like Taylor was.

I think Bevell showed himself to be a solid addition last year
He should have greater influence this year
They have to get him tools to work with right?
OG in R2 - R4
RB in R2 - R5
He’s got to get a few pieces to be fully able to implement his offense right?
We get a RB & OG high enough that it matters

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Love Zack Moss or AJ Dillon @ pick 85

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One thing we can all agree on: Lions need another top level RB because the running game has suffered the last two seasons due to injuries. The Lions can’t trust Kerryon to stay healthy.

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D’Andre Swift is my draft riser this year. Just watched him some this morning, and then saw this.

I would put my board for the Lions like this:

  1. D’Andre Swift
  2. Jonathan Taylor
  3. Cam Akers

I like how Swift compliments what we already have.

I think Dobbins and Taylor are the only two elite runners in this draft. If we go RB early I want one of those two.

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To me, RB is like 5th on the priority list for the Lions, which for me is:

  1. pass rush - do I need to explain this?

  2. CB - they have to have a starting CB opposite Trufant. Maybe Oruwariye steps up, and maybe he ain’t quite there yet.

  3. RG - right now we have a bunch of guys in the mix for this starting job. But are any of them good enough to be legit starters?

  4. LB - Collins is a move in the right direction. This group wasn’t good in 2019.

  5. RB. I ain’t saying that improving the rushing game isn’t important, but this draft is deep at RB and they can still get a good one in the 4th or 5th round. I just don’t think they need a stud RB on Day 2 when they’re running an RBBC backfield. Not when they have other more pressing needs.

BTW, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get an OT and WR either. Might need 'em in 2021.

I hear what you’re saying, but the Lions need immediate difference makers and the RB position tends to be one of them (as opposed to OG for example).

This is where I’m at. 4th round at the earliest for me (unless Dobbins or Taylor fall to the early 3rd). Zack Moss, AJ Dillon, Anthony McFarland, James Robinson (my fave right now), Darrynton Evans, Eno Benjamin, Josh Kelley, Ke’shawn Vaughn… there’s a lot of guys who are gonna be big-time contributors next year that are gonna go in the 4/5/6th rounds. We just have to find the right one (which is true no matter what round we take them in, and something we haven’t been so good at).

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If the Lions can aquire extra draft picks i like the idea of getting a running back in round two. I prefer Dobbins or Clyde. An all around running back to pair with Kerryon. And Bo can be are bruiser.

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I hear what you’re saying, but using a 2nd round pick on an RB who will play in an RBBC offense that is primarily a passing offense seems unwise. Especially when your defense sucks. And you’ve got a ? at RG. AND when the draft is deep in RBs.

For the past two seasons, the Lions have been down to their 4th and 5th options seeing significant playing time. As for OG, the Lions should be able to get one at No 85 or 109.

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