Real Odds for Lions To Win 2022 Super Bowl?

I am the King of Irrational Exuberance and even I can see that it’s far more likely that the Lions will be drafting #1 in 2022 than #32. But there is a non-zero chance that the Lions will win the Super Bowl next February.

What do you think the true odds are, not the odds that the professionals use to make money?

Well, now that it’s done working on that equation, we can try to break it with your question:


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Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and yes, kalspa, there is a chance that the Lions win the Super Bowl in 2022. There is precedent:

The Niners won the 1982 Super Bowl after going 6-10 in the prior season.

The Rams won the Super Bowl in 2000 after going 4-12 in the prior season.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2002 after going 5-11 in the prior season.

The Lions finished 5-11 last season with Patricia having squeezed every ounce of joy and spirit out of the team. The new coaches and front office changed everything but the laces on the football.

The Lions might could win the Super Bowl in February.

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As long as they don’t finish last (again) in the division I think I can hold on one more year and wait for 2023 Lions Superbowl victory.

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The only real odds the Lions have at the Super Bowl are the ones in Vegas sports books.

Everything else is fake.

IMO, Vegas odds are set first by astute football experts, then modified by the juice, then modified by public perceptions, and finally by initial betting trends.

For instance, on a long shot bet for the Lions, they may judge the actual odds to be 150 to 1 and then offer the bet at 125 to 1. When too many idiots like me take 125 to 1, they may adjust the odds to 100 to 1. So I say…

None>Lions winning Super Bowl


One of the best comedies ever!

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