Really Interesting Mock

Reddit does these community mocks where fans of the teams participate, it’s a lot of fun. The guy who handled the Lions did some wheeling and dealing and we wound up with Okudah at 5, then he traded back up for Andrew Thomas at 12! That would be some haul. We wound up with 4 3rd round picks too.

Here it is (scroll down in the comments to see the discussions/explanations):

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That round 1 outcome would be amazing. Really don’t like the round three. Seems like a wasted four picks when we could’ve snagged Dobbins, Pittman, Logan Wilson and Duvernay.

I’m just going to keep pushing for both Duvernay and Pittman even though there is zero chance that actually happens


Agree. Didn’t like any of his Rd 3 picks.

Yeah, I’m with you here, didn’t like his 3rd round picks. Actually I didn’t hate Jonah Jackson or Greenard, and I could see us being interested in both, I just would have gone in a different direction. I just thought it was interesting we managed to get 4 third-rounders.

I do like Greenard as well. Pretty sure he’s just a rotation guy but he should be productive at rushing the passer. Jackson is fine. I just think both Dobbins and Pittman are both top 40-50 players so I’d prefer to go that route.

A kicker and a TE in the third ?!? That is a Quinn move.

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Lemme guess you’re the guy who did the picks for the Lions at the reddit site?

Okay, if it was me, I love the TD down to #5, plus they got #26 and #70, Great! BUT, I would have taken Brown or Kinlaw at 5 instead of Okudah and NOT trade back up to #11. My reasoning is that at #26 I can still get a 1st round CB and keep my #35 pick. As it fell, Terrell and Diggs were still there at #26, and I have covered two of my biggest needs by trading out the #3 pick.

So now it’s the 2nd round, and I still have my #35 pick cuz I didn’t trade it. I would go with an OT if I want, Jackson, Peart, and Cleveland are still there. Or I can go with Cushenberry or Biadasz to shore up my IOL.

In the 3rd, an IOL guy Jonah Jackson is fine at #67 if I went with an OT in the 2nd. At #70 (which I didn’t trade away), I can get an Edge like Greenard, Dobbins, or Okwara. We don’t have #80 cuz I didn’t trade back up with Oakland in the 1st, but we do have #85. This is where I take an RB, AJ Dillon, or maybe a WR.

Sorry, I would not take a QB at #109, and no TE either. I kinda like Bradly Anae there at #109, call me crazy.

In the 5th I like WR Collin Johnson at #149 and S Geno Stone at #167.

So, with one TD I end up with:

DT Brown or Kinlaw
CB Terrell or Trevon Diggs
OT Jackson, Peart, or Cleveland
IOL Jackson
Edge Greenard, Dobbins, or Okwara
RB AJ Dillon
Edge Anae
WR Collin Johnson
S Geno Stone

Still got the 6th and 7th rounds to go if I want to draft a QB, TE, or Punter.

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I am not. In fact you can scroll down and see it was done by a guy with a Pats flair.

I’m with you a little with that first pick, I really hate the depth at iDL in this class (aside from Brown and Kinlaw, Raekwon Davis is the only other guy I kinda like). I slightly prefer Okudah as I just think he’s a better player, but I wouldn’t be bothered by Brown/Kinlaw.

However, I love the trade back up. Part of that is because I have Andrew Thomas as the #1 tackle overall, I think he’s a plug-and-play 10 year stud a la Ronnie Stanley. Coming out of the draft with both him and Okudah or Brown/Kinlaw would make me very happy.

I didn’t love the 3rd rounders, but that made it feel real to me. I typically don’t like a lot of Quinn’s picks either. We coached Jonah Jackson in the Senior Bowl and Greenard has the requisite size and length we like out of our edges, so they both made a lot of sense. Hated the Trautman pick for obvious reasons and I really have to suspend my disbelief pretty hard to see that happening, and I wouldn’t come near Eason with a ten-foot-pole. But for me, once we came out of the draft with Okudah and Thomas I’d consider it a success.

Okudah and thomas. I like after that nope