Really really depressing

with the few bucks we had to spend --i was really depress with most of the signings–back up qb, eh, ok in my book–addressing the defence was a dismal failure as was the offence line–big fricken F in my opinion—i would have spent more of the money on 2 or 3 solid players that would have been difference makers instead of the medicare group we just bought at the dollar general–i get from reading all the other post that most of us agree ,and are also depressed—we are dumped down the shitter again like a pot of chile gone bad—i hope we at least do some what better in the draft—but ,sadly, i have my doubts

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What players did you want?

At first, I was right here with you, I was super mad that we paid 50 million to one guy nobody rarely heard of.

but I disagree that you can look at thee entire FA thus far and say “oh it’s a steaming pile.”
not when you land Shelton & Collins then another guy that may well help us defensively in Williams. my two cents.

My 2 cents are that just because you spend the most in free agency and get those new “shiny” players all fans love, does not mean you are going to win. For example the Browns a couple years ago got a lot of big time “name brand” players and they did not win. I believe that the lions have made their team better, I myself am questioning the money paid for big V but maybe he was not our first choice. Just because you have the money doesn’t always mean you get the player. Our team has a lot of holes to fill so I’m ok with spreading the money around and getting more decent players as opposed to 2 or 3 big time players.

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When your defense was hot garbage juice, especially the entire defensive line, and the pass rush was anemic, I would think that would have been a priority, whether thru trade or free agency.

Since the end of that disastrous season, we paid Snacks to walk away disgruntled and we replaced him with Shelton. Not sure if that is a net positive or just simply rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Either way, we still haven’t addressed our weaknesses and in fact, now our offensive line is weaker than it was at season’s end, and it wasn’t exactly a good group last year.

When you come off back to back garbage seasons, kick 2 of your captains out the door and put up the leagues worst defense, it’s not unrealistic to expect the GM to make a bigger splash than being the New England Patriots fucking single A farm team. Every other move is a former Pats player it seems.

Anyone expecting in year FIVE of Quinn that his 5th draft class is going to turn the corner, you are going to be very disappointed. His draft record is pretty piss poor, just like his FA signings and his trades. As of now, the roster is worse than it was 2 months ago and expecting draftees to fix it, is not a good idea, since Quinn is 0 for 34 in drafting elite difference makers. He reaches on almost every pick, especially in the first 2 rounds which is disastrous.

i stand corrected --all of what you guy’s said is true in one way or the other—after hopeing for 66 yrs plus my emotions got the better of me----think i will go get a shot of crown royal and look thing over again–in the last hour or so -i see two new guys that are a def. improvement—Amen to that

Great job, Ford family. They deserve another year.

Look how they’re building a winner.

Watching the Patriots cast-off list like hawks.


Top-level scouting.


I’m a fan …I like the D.Shelton signing , the Big V signing , the J.Collins signing. N.Williams I know nothing about , but what I have read seems okay.

Love, Love, Love the trade for Duron Harmon a true center field Safety .

Keeping Slay is imperative to me and if we pair him with Okudah or Young I will be thrilled .

The biggest improvement to this team will be availability/health …We need a healthy Stafford and an Offense that puts points on the board early and often , an offense that forces teams to become one dimensional to greatly impact the effectiveness of Patricia’s Defense . The run game and having healthy talent and a right side of the O-Line that opens holes will also be huge and I think the O-Line going foward has improved on that front with Big V .

Keep in mind the Vaitai contract is really only 2 years and $20M guaranteed. The rest is team options for three more years, so if he does well, they can keep him at the same price. If he doesn’t, they can let him walk without much cap hit.

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This team has been so bad, so long, nobody wants to come here. We have to pay too dollar for 3rd rate players.
I get more excited talking XFL than Lions these days.

Another improvement imho is a new DC… looking forward to what our defense brings no matter who’s suiting up!

Interesting. The Lions now have a Patriot player at every level of the defense. DL, LB, DB. Shelton, Flowers, Collins, Harmon, Coleman. I think this will tremendously help the young guys learn the system.