Rebuild cap question

How much cap space do we gain by not having Davis, James, Flowers, Coleman, Herbie the Dentist, the Train with Square Wheels and the rest of the population from the Island of Misfit Toys off our roster?

Answer? Irrelevant if Quinn and Patricia are still here. It will just get pissed down their legs. Again.


So do they fire them right now? I feel like that might be the best move. Clearly whatever is going on here is not working like even a little. Then you have a new GM to rebuild with and make trades with before the deadline.


The sooner the better in my eyes. There is nothing you can say to convince me these guys are the answer.

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They are clearly not the answer. I’ve put up with a lot to give these guys a fair chance, but something is clearly very wrong here. They can’t do basic things football teams should be able to do.


Should have fired them in the off season. Maintained all along we had a lame duck regime this year. Problem is I don’t see a benefit to firing them now. You aren’t going to find a good replacement until the season is over.


Sadly I don’t think we’d gain much by making those moves. A quick look at Flowers contract shows $31m in dead cap by cutting him in 2021. :sweat_smile:

I’d keep Coleman, he’s a good slot CB.

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That’s what bugs me the most. I want this team to go find it’s HC before it’s GM and I think those guys aren’t available until the offseason. Unless of course we could convince Meyer to come here with full control.

The Fords can’t in good conscience trust Quinn to sign any more players.


You get a jump on the others teams who need coaches

Man, Golladay must be thinking of taking his chances on becoming a free agent at this point. Does he want 5 more years of this? I think his price must go up after each debacle.

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You seriously believe this?

LOL, typo! Fixed. They need to take Quinn’s fancy pen away from him ASAP. And tell Patricia he can keep all the pencils the team paid for. Parting gift.

I thought that was a typo but you can never tell on this board.

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Not really. You can start calling tomorrow, but nobody is leaving their job until after the season is over. So you get stuck with an interim coach which does nothing for you.

You can interview them and offer them the job. Obviously no one is leaving but you can have them locked up before they leave their current job

With getting rid of them now it may help the culture some instead of well we kept them til the end of the season for shits and giggles

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Eric Bienemy would be an encouraging hire. But he’d have to be nuts to take it lol.

I don’t think coaching candidates view the Lions the way the fans do.

We have a ton of cap space, a top 5 pick and if you want to keep Stafford his contract is reasonable.

If not you can trade Stafford.

You won’t get fired unless you totally shit the bed.

The Buffalo Bills were objectively worse in everyway than the Lions have the last 25 years, yet they fired Rex Ryan after 2 years and still got a better coach than the Lions have had in 25 years.

This idea we wouldn’t get a good candidate is a false narrative

Well, I’m half-kidding. But the track record of Lions coaches is clear. It’s a graveyard. A well-paying one, but is always the end of the line.

The only coach who wasn’t in his 60s by the time he left Detroit is Schwartz and I think he eventually gets a job.