Rebuild on schedule, we're fine

Stop acting silly. How manyvtimes do we have to keep telling somd of you, WE Don’t EVEN HAVE HALF OF THE FOUNDATION OF THE REBUILD ON THE FRICKIN FIELD YET!!!

It is hilarious watchingbpeople have GAME LOSS meltdowns and then try to PROJECT THAT PAIN into some kind of long term doom. We have players out injured by the dozen. We have a top 5 offense already, we are goingbto have at least 3 top defensive picks added to the team next season and a TON of players back as well.

You are hurting over a meaningless game, in fact, a game that will actually help our picks next draft.

Yiu are "GAMEDAY LOSS MAD, that doesn’t mean the rebuild is failing or has failed, we don’t even have HALF OF IT IMPLEMENTED YET FOR GOD SAKES.


The rebuild is right on schedule. We have a boatload of talent coming on defense next season.




This is getting annoying.
Why aren’t we seeing half the team?
Did someone make a conscious decision that winning wasn’t important this year, or do we have a really bad gambler making decisions?


We keep rebuilding. Holmes and Campbell are not the answer. When i saw our off season i knew we were in dog shit lane. Campbell after Minnesota game it was a slap in face and same ole shit as last year he tried to bite and polish the same on my knees turd.

Yes it takes 5 years to build an NFL roster, give them more time. 2025 is going to be awesome! You seem new to the Lions. First rebuild?


I’m super-frustrated.
I am REALLY concerned about the injuries…why so many?

Our dudes are out there dropping like guys that tried to pick. fight with Fox.


So you have decide the rebuild of one season an 5 games is to much. You have know idea how to rebuild . It will take this year an next year an then you can complain if you don’t see a playoff team. Until then follow the team an watch as it takes shape an becomes a team that will win many games.

You think Buffalo is good team? Its been in making for years.

Lions will have money to fill holes from now on will they go crazy like some on here want with big contracts no.
They will continue to build through draft an find players that other teams give up on an will fill few key holes with top end talent.
Take some time an check contracts cost look at FA next season look fairly at roster an who is performing an who is not.
You know there is 12 games left just watch an be fair minded not just look for mistakes cus every player makes them .




Not a good look.


Just gotta trust the process

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We can be in the throws of a rebuild and also frustrated with what we are seeing on the field. It isn’t an either or proposition.

Defensive scheme and play calling last week and this week’s game management have been to such a substandard level you have to question the coaches.

Is it terminal and time to blow things up again? Absolutely not, but I think it is fair to expect to see improvement from year one to year two. Barring the Lions giving another handful of really inept performances between now and the end of the season I have zero issue with Brad and Dan getting another offseason - this roster was devoid of talent when they took over and while it has improved marginally in that time I think they deserve the opportunity to use the two first rounders next year and allow their drafts time to develop and bed in. But next season is one where if we aren’t in the mix for meaningful games in December even with a rookie QB then I think that a full and frank discussion is needed


I’m convinced that they are playing for a better draft slot.

Unless I can see a betting slip showing you “knew the Lions were going to be dog shit” I think you are Monday morning quarterbacking. After all, only a fool wouldn’t bet on a sure thing? Right?


We are 23 games into a complete roster rebuild. What exactly did you expect at this point? The odds are overwhelming that Brad and Dan will fail. When you are one of 32 teams and not a free agent destination, the odds of success are stacked against you. I don’t understand posters on here that never see any hope and don’t seem to get any enjoyment out of the games. Why do you watch? Why do you spend time posting it on here? We are all frustrated but holding your breath and stomping your feet after every setback gets old. Again, if you’re not getting any enjoyment from the team, perhaps you should look for something else to do with your Sundays. Football is not life or death and life is short. Don’t spend time on things that make you miserable.


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One might think the silly one is the guy falling for the same ole shit and while telling people there silly for not falling for the same ole shit.



But this is one of the guys that claims Campbell is the best coach in the NFL so…

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Without actually looking at the 2020 roster, I would guess there are maybe 15-18 players from it who are still on the current team. Of those, I’d say 5-7 played backup roles on the 2020 team and are still in a similar role now. That leaves 10-13 players, of which maybe another 5-7 currently are on I/R or PUP or were on I/R or PUP at some point last year. This means at most, we have approximately 5-8 players (honestly, this number might be a little high) who have been full-time starters during the past two years of this rebuild. Of those 5-8 players who have been healthy enough to be full-time starters during the last two years, and whittling it down further, maybe 3-4 of those players would be rostered on lower half ranked teams in the league, and not all would be starters. This is not a recipe for success for any team. This team does lack talent, which can be expected during a rebuild, and every miss or injury has an exponential impact on any chance of taking a step forward.

As for the coaching, are they doing a great job? Nope. However, how much of it is out of necessity? I would say “some” to a degree. When you are missing core players on offense, have no kicker and field a defense that is sub-par (and is even further decimated by injuries) you have two choices… 1) take the “go for it and hope it works” approach or 2) die by slow motion suicide, while the other team carves up your inept defense. Honestly , I would probably take the “F’ it!” approach, too. Again, is it great coaching? Nope, but this team is out-talented and outplayed in nearly every facet of the game, so why not try to make something happen. Up until this game, they were 7 for 9 while going for it on fourth down. You don’t want to do it every time, but success rates have been decent. MCDC has to be aware that going for it on your own 45 yd line is not the time to do it, and just punt it away and try the slow burn hoping the other team makes a mistake at some point.


It seems they have a distinct plan for the rebuild.

One they are refusing to vary away from in any meaningful way. That would force one to believe all involved in the decision agreed beforehand to it. All agreed beforehand that no matter what, they were going to adhere to it. There would be zero pressure to change it from within the organization. No matter how good or bad things got, they would stay the course for some preset amount of time to give the plan a full chance to work.

Zero staff changes made unless it came from Campbell’s desire.

Like it or not, this is who the Lions will be until that timeframe is up.


Why do people keep calling it a RE-build? We’ve never had anything, so how can we re-build it? That’s like me telling the chick in this GIF that we should get BACK together.
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