Red Flags Players Workout Sometimes

While there are players like Rueben Foster who fail miserably, there are others who succeed in the face of adversity. There was a heated debate in the 2017 draft on the board about whether or not Joe Mixon was even draftable with a video of him knocking out a woman. The Bengals took a chance on him in the 2md round and it’s really paying off. Mixon has carried that offense for the last month, they have a crappy OL, their QB is out and not to mention, no AJ Green. He’s kept his nose clean and he’s now in the top 5 in the NFL for rushing yards and he’s added another 300 through the air, he’s averaging 4.7 ypc and looks the part of a bell cow RB. Here’s a good article about him and what he’s done this season. I’m happy he got a chance and he’s making the most out of it… Not everyone with a red flag should be taken off the draft board.

Everyone knew Mixon could play. But it’s hard to overlook the fact that he shattered a girls face because she didn’t want to sleep with him

I think Kerryon can be just as effective as Mixon. He just needs to continue to build his body up to withstand the hits and rigors of the NFL.

There are examples like the honey badger, Randy Moss and Tyreek Hill, and, for every one of those, there are examples like Titus Young, Charles Rogers, Ryan Leaf. Pick your poison. I’d rather not have to explain to my kids why we drafted a guy like him.

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Her claim was he asked for oral sex and then when she rebuffed his overtures he and his friends started harassing them and using homosexual epithets towards her friend. She claims she had to enter the restaurant to get away from them. He claimed she was following them into clubs. It seems the fact he followed her into the restaurant gives the lie to his story. Now, she definitely assaulted him by spitting on him (which he deserved) but i sure wish he just admitted it instead of using that weak bullshit about being called a racial slur. If he is a homophobic women beater and sexual predator at 18, what will he be at twenty-four.

And following a woman down the street repeatedly harassing her, intimidating her friends and repeatedly asking for sexual favors qualifies him as a sexual predator.

I’m sure an intoxicated 18 year old has never made a mistake and learned from it before :roll_eyes: The fact that he has thrived after all that bs is a testament to not judge someone based on their past actions. Especially when they’re that of an extremely young individual not in their right state of mind.

You have your world. I have mine. If it had been my daughter, he wouldn’t have had the chance to play football. It wasn’t one mistake either. If we accept your premise, he made a series of mistakes…he drank alcohol, he began harassing and following a woman who had already refused his sexual advances, then he became aggressive and derisive still following her and making homophobic slurs. Then, he followed her into a restaurant. The harassment continued. He was confronted and assaulted and instead of walking away he wrecked a young woman’s face. That is not one mistake, it is a series of mistakes.

Then, he made a series of mistakes afterward, he lied about what happened, he threatened another woman and he used the race card on the female in an attempt to shift public opinion about his despicable behavior. That was a second series of mistakes. The kind of mistakes that lead to Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, Ray Rice and the Greg Hardy type of incidents. Once again, you judge his actions. It is good he has done well but thirty one other gms made the same determination. Zeke Elliott and Ben Roethlisberger also behaved despicably. If i had done what Roethlisberger did, or what Mixon did, I would still be in prison. It is a rape culture that needs to be addressed. The fact that all these men were given chances to earn millions of dollars afterward and everyone of the women were blamed should ring a bell in your sanctimonius head.

And, you claim he was impaired, there is no evidence he was in any way impaired. He was coordinated enough to shatter the young womans face, then, he had sense enough to run away and he did not appear to be staggering, so you can claim he was inebriated and I say he was not. There is more evidence behind my opinion than yours. How many times does one person get to be a sexual predator before you can judge him by the way? Does he get to molest your kids one time before you judge him, or does he get to disfigure your daughter and get one more chance. Does the eighteen year old drunk driver that kills a policeman by driving drunk deserve to go home like nothing ever happened? Or a guy like Reggie Rogers, or Bruce Kimball?. Some things only need to happen once and the Mixon event is one of those. Because he makes millions and he can play football is the only reason he is not in prison.I cannot get behind him or his success. I am glad he has done well, but he did not deserve the chance. Period.

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Oh stop it, you’re so off the deep end it isn’t even funny. He made mistake(s), shit happens, I in no way believe she was innocent of escalating the situation. Both are guilty of wrong doings and both talked it out face to face. He served his punishment and is thriving, good for him. And don’t tell me that they get off just because their athletes, thousands of rapes go unpunished every year. The fact you throw out the term “rape culture” tells me you’re going to heavily (and IMO, blindly) lean to one side of this argument, so we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on this. Rape culture is a myth, change my mind lol (Steven Crowder joke)

That brazen hussy was followed by four men whose behavior was not only off the charts rude but aggressive. She crossed the street to get away, they pursued her and then she entered a restaurant fleeing his sexually aggressive ass and when she stood up to him, he shattered her face. She’s the one who should be in prison. I got it. That’s not the world I want to live in and I am off the deep end.

You’re painting a pretty detailed picture, were you there? Do you have testimony from multiple parties corroborating all this? Sounds like a lot of he said she said to me and you’re just choosing to believe one over the other. All I can go off of is the video, in which Mixon walks in, doesn’t even look at the woman, has words with the dude standing at the table, then he says something and starts walking away when the chick gets in his face, pushes him, hits him and then he reacts. She’s not innocent, neither is he. You want to place more weight on his actions bc he’s the man, but try treating it equally, he was WALKING AWAY after saying what he wanted to say to the dude and then she got involved.

I read his story. I read hers. I saw the video. Common snse and almost thirty years in law enforcement told me all i needed to know. She didn’t follow him into a restaurant, he followed her. She confronted him. Her only mistake but he was a threat who pursued her into the restaurant, doesn’t matter whose story you believe. She drew her line. If what someone says doesn’t make sense it isn’t true. If as he claims she was following him from club to club why is he the one following her into the restaurant maybe so he can get away from her. Nope. It doesn’t make sense. That gives the lie to his story. He admitted to lying about the N-bomb coming from her and then said someone in her party said it. Deflecting blame is another thing guilty people do. I believe her story. She should never have struck him or spit on him but there is no doubt he lied and no doubt he shattered her face because she refused to give him oral sex and let him harass her and her friends. You can see it anyway you want. People have their opinions. I don’t insist I am right but I have an informed opinion. If you took the time to watch the police interviews of the woman you would probably not be shilling this guy for man of the year.
And, he didn’t spend one second in jail. Not one.

they ‘talked it out’. Translation: she’s getting a fat wad of cash. And deservedly so. Mixon did his time (suspended prison sentence, probation and suspended for a year) and by all accounts has stayed out of trouble since

Still it’s why he dropped as far as he did and was off some teams draft boards all together. Actions have consequences and mistakes matter. Hopefully he learned from it and doesn’t join the Rice-Hunt club in the future

Still glad the Lions didn’t draft him. If we were to go back in time and take a RB in the second round, I’d take Kamara. Pretty much any pick would have worked out better then Teez has so far

I hope he has changed. Half a year is not enough to really determine that. Good for him for doing what he already did well while staying out of trouble. I am also in the crowd that is happy we did not draft him. He obviously has an attitude toward women that is not healthy. Not just the shattering her face part but the entire expectation and anger at rejection. It will take a complete paradigm shift on his part to really put it behind him. it does happen and I hope it does for him but staying out of trouble is a far cry from being a changed person and it takes time to see that. It is not how he plays football and keeps out of trouble. It is what he does outside of football in terms of showing respect for women (and others in general) that will really demonstrate yes or no.

Someday this scumbag will be holding a microphone and pimping for someone. I hope I die before it happens. Piece of shit makes millions news at 11:00. Woman gets face shattered. Nobody cares. Maybe you would like to give me your wife and daughters phone numbers and I can pursue them around the city with three or four of my friends pressuring them to give me oral sex. When they flee into a restaurant and I walk in if she says something I’ll just shatter her face. I should probably expect you will call her to blame cause you know i just had a couple of drinks. You shouldn’t hold that against me. I will take a suspension from school and report to my regular job after my scholarship is maintained by my school. I’m fully punished now.a year later I fully expect you to laud my accomplishment on the internet. Normality is lacking somewhere.
I asked my wife about her family. Nobody been arrested for the last four generations. Five generations in my family. Lots of kids, we’re christians. No arrests. Hmmmm. I guess I have unrealistic expectations of behavior from my children. Those are just the generations I have personal knowledge to assess.Never shattered a woman’s face or was so rude as to ask them for oral sex. That’s the mouth they kiss you with.

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YooperLion with the Mic Drop, (exit stage left while feedback squeal rings through silent club)

Sorry but I have to step in. I hate to get in between you twos debate. But… Clearly you haven’t followed this incident in full. There’s a lot more too the story than he said she said. But based on what you know only. Nothing in her actions deserved her to be physically assaulted. He crossed the line the moment he hit her. What Hunt did was far less aggressive and abusive. Hunt is out of a job and Mixon has one. I can’t for the life of me understand why.

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Don’t worry. Hunt is now an unrestricted FA two years earlier and no team has any leverage of the franchise tag. He’s going to get paid this offseason. Financially it actually worked out better for him getting cut and not getting claimed.